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31 days to decluttered

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Living Room Rules: Keep the space guest-ready with these genius ideas

1. Dare to Be Spare With too much furniture, even the most spacious living room can look like an episode of Hoarders. Ease congestion by sticking to the basics — a sofa, a bookshelf, a comfy chair, an end table, and a coffee table—and arrange so there’s clear, unimpeded traffic flow. — Meryl Starr, owner of Let's Get OrganizedVideo: 2-minute home décor -- Storage solutions 2. Prune the Pileup Be ruthless: Save only the last two issues of magazines. Tear out articles and keep in a binder you’ll refer to later. — Justin Klonsky, Organizational expert for OCD Experience (Organize and Create Discipline)3. Keep it Clean A stay-neat stat to memorize: The top of the coffee table should be 75% clear (yes, seriously). Styles with drawers or shelves below the surface will get you there fast. — Stephanie Hanes, prop stylist4. Easy Come, Easy Go Corral smaller items — vases, candles — on a handled tray that’s a cinch to relocate in a company’s-coming pinch. — Justin Klonsky5. Control Remotes Got multiples? Group them all together in a lidded box or a chic decorative bowl. — Stephanie Hanes6. Pare Down Pillows A trio in complementary colors and patterns — one a solid — is your best bet for most sofas (a mega-couch can handle five, two of them solids). — Melissa Picheny, founder of declutter+design7. Double Up Maximize storage and get extra seating with a hide-stuff-inside ottoman. — Alejandra Costello, professional organizer8. Floor Show Having too many area rugs can visually chop up a room. Instead, layer a statement rug over carpeting or bare floors. — Alejandra Costello 
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