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Pink pigeon rescued in Madison Square Park

CBS New York 2/1/2023 Katherine Meyers

NEW YORK - A pink pigeon is now safe after being rescued in Madison Square Park.

The Wild Bird Fund shared a picture of the bird on their social media, saying it's a domestic king pigeon that was deliberately dyed pink and released. It was found and rescued by a parkgoer and taken to the organization for care. 

They also said the bird is young and shows signs of long-term malnutrition. 

"This poor bird has it bad enough as a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators," they wrote. "But being a bright, unusual color makes him even more of a target."

The organization hopes that sharing the picture will help raise awareness about the negative effects of dying birds.  

If you see a dyed or all-white pigeon in the wild, or any tame bird standing around looking lost, they recommend catching the bird and bringing it to a pigeon rescue or animal sanctuary. 

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