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Russian Killer Dubbed 'The Black Realtor' Freed From Prison After Fighting For Vladimir Putin In Ukraine

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A Russian killer dubbed “The Black Realtor” is now walking free after being released from prison to fight alongside Vladimir Putin’s forces on the frontlines in Ukraine, has learned.

Alexander Tyutin, 66, was originally jailed in June 2021. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison after being found guilty of hiring a hitman to murder a family of four – including two children.

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According to the Sun, Tyutin worked as a real estate agent in Leningrad in 2005 before paying a “contract killer” $10,000 to murder his business partner Dmitry Zeinalov, Zeinalov’s pregnant wife, and the couple’s 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

Tyutin allegedly urinated on the graves of his murdered business partner and Zeinalov’s family after their funerals.

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In 2018, Tyutin was then caught attempting to hire another hitman to murder the niece of his late wife over a $100,000 inheritance.

After hiring a hitman to murder his niece for $9,000, it was revealed the contract killer was an undercover police officer and Tyutin was arrested. It was at this point that Tyutin confessed to the 2005 murder of his former business partner and family.

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Tyutin was ultimately released from prison in 2022 and recruited to fight alongside the Wagner Private Military Company as a mercenary under Putin’s mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin.

After “miraculously” surviving in Ukraine for his six-month stint, Tyutin recently returned to Russia, and his criminal record was scrubbed clean.

The man dubbed “The Black Realtor” has since moved to Turkey to reunite with his current wife. He was reportedly recommended for an Order of Courage medal by Putin for his “battlefield bravery.”

Prigozhin, who served as “Putin’s chef” before being named head of the Wagner mercenary group, has since spoken out to squash the criticisms that surfaced after it was revealed Tyutin had been freed.

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“Let me explain to you the philosophy of jail inmates taking part in the war," Putin’s mercenary chief explained. “An inmate killed a family of four. You don't know and haven’t seen that family, but you feel angry about it.”

"That inmate went to the war, and was killed. Or, he survived by a miracle,” Prigozhin continued. "He is a murderer, and in the war he is worth three or four or even more dandelion boys, whose milk on their lips is still wet.”

"Among those dandelion boys is your son, your father and your husband,” the mercenary chief explained further. "So weigh it up. Would you rather have the murderer going to war, or your family members?"

As previously reported, Tyutin is just the latest Russian convict-turned-mercenary to return home from Ukraine to be pardoned and freed.

Earlier this month, it was revealed another convict-turned-mercenary named Hayk Gasparyan had not only returned from Ukraine after fighting for six months, but the 31-year-old convicted armed robber also received an Order of Courage medal awarded to him from the 70-year-old Russian president himself.


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