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Biden's actions show he already isn't treating the pandemic seriously

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 1/22/2021 Zachary Faria
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President Biden ran as a candidate who was going to tackle the pandemic. So far, he isn’t taking it very seriously.

His nominations for the Department of Health and Human Services are the most prominent examples of this. Biden’s pick to lead HHS is California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who has little experience in healthcare or the medical field. Becerra is better known as a culture warrior who likely will use his office to push abortion and antagonize proponents of religious liberty.

Biden’s pick for assistant health secretary, Rachel Levine, does have experience in the field, serving as Pennsylvania’s health secretary. Her experience is highlighted by her decision to force the state’s nursing homes to accept patients who were known to have tested positive for the coronavirus. Pennsylvania nursing homes have been among the hardest hit in the country.

Becerra’s selection came after Latino groups complained that Biden had not selected enough Latinos for his Cabinet. Levine is transgender, adding another big victory for “diversity” at the expense of actual qualifications.

Biden also doesn’t care about how the pandemic started. He’s holding true to his promise to rejoin the World Health Organization, which served as a propaganda organ for the Chinese Communist Party as it lied to the world about the virus. U.S. taxpayer dollars will once again flow to the WHO, with no preconditions.

Biden has offered nothing on the vaccine front but falsehoods and misdirection. Dr. Anthony Fauci had to correct a CNN report where sources from Biden’s administration claimed they were inheriting no vaccination plan from the Trump administration. Before he took office, the United States was already close to Biden’s grand goal of administering 1 million doses of the vaccine per day, and yet, he chastised a reporter who pointed this out.

Even on the messaging front, Biden is flailing. After signing an executive order mandating mask-wearing at all times on federal lands, Biden and his family were seen not wearing masks at the Lincoln Memorial. According to press secretary Jen Psaki, Biden was “celebrating” and had “bigger issues to worry about” than following his own mask mandate that his administration said was all about messaging.

Nothing Biden has done so far indicates that he is going to treat this pandemic any more seriously than the last administration. Biden has no plan, and he never did. Sloganeering about “shutting down the virus” and “following the science” isn’t going to cut it.

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