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Cleveland City Council passes resolution opposing state's new permitless concealed carry law

WKYC-TV Cleveland 4/5/2022 Dave "Dino" DeNatale

Cleveland City Council passed a resolution on Monday strongly opposing the new state law that allows Ohioans 21 years and older to carry concealed handguns without a license and safety training.

Last month, Gov. Mike DeWine signed the bill that will make a concealed weapons permit optional for anyone legally allowed to carry a gun and eliminate the requirement that individuals “promptly” notify police officers that they are carrying a concealed weapon.

In the resolution that urges the Ohio General Assembly to repeal the law, council noted that the bill "was passed and signed over objections from law enforcement groups, including the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, county sheriffs, Ohio Mayors Alliance, and Democrats, emphasizing the danger that taking away licensing and training requirements poses to law enforcement officers and communities."

The resolution was introduced by Councilman Charles Slife, with all of his fellow council members joining to be co-sponsors.

"What we are facing with this law is actors, politicans in Columbus, who are contributing to violent crime in cities while acting against the wishes of law enforcement," Slife said on Monday evening.  I think it's important in passing this resolution that we expect politicians in Columbus to answer to their hypocrisy."

The resolution also adds that “while Cleveland works to reduce the number of guns that lead to violent crime, the State of Ohio’s deregulation of handguns will increase gun ownership and proliferation of unregulated guns in our community.” 

The new law goes into effect in June. Current Ohio law requires a license to carry a concealed handgun across Ohio and includes eight hours of necessary safety and firing training, which will now be optional.

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