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College Republicans chairwoman denies involvement in fake sexual assault plot in past election

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 8/6/2021 Jeremy Beaman
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The College Republican National Committee chairwoman denied making or directing others to make sexual assault allegations against a former opponent to gain an advantage over him.

Courtney Britt slammed the "false narrative" detailed in a recent report from the Spectator that she was involved in a plot to "Me Too" former Arkansas Federation of College Republicans Chairman Clay Smith, who ran against her in a 2019 campaign to become south regional vice-chair for the organization.

"If some grand conspiracy to accuse my former political opponent of sexual misconduct existed, I was certainly never aware of it," Britt said in a statement posted on Twitter.


The report details allegations of two unnamed women who say former College Republicans executive director Benjamin Rajadurai asked them to falsely accuse Smith of sexual assault.

One of the women alleged Rajadurai approached her with the request at the Convention of College Republicans in July 2019 and said she declined.

"I said, 'Absolutely not. I will not be doing that. It’s unacceptable. That is not how you win elections,’" the woman told the Spectator. "At one point, I said, 'How can our party claim what the Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh was so horrible when you’re trying to do what you’re accusing the Democrats of doing?'"

The report also disclosed text messages allegedly shared between Rajadurai and the woman, in which he wrote, "That we tried to me too clay kinda sucks."

A second woman alleged being asked to level similar accusations at the July 2019 convention, which she said was done on behalf of Britt and former national chairman Chandler Thornton, who supported her candidacy. The woman also said Thornton and Britt knew of the plan.

Britt denied involvement in any such plan in her statement Thursday, saying claims she knew of or directed it are "unequivocally false."

Britt said further, "Many of the same individuals who are alleging that I was engaged in a campaign to 'Me Too' them in 2019 were also sources of the rumors about me 'sleeping my way' to my position."


Rajadurai also reportedly denied the allegations that either Britt or Thornton asked him to request fabricated allegations, adding of the text conversations, "I don’t remember that, and I deny that as well."

In addition, he claimed on Twitter one of the sources for the report is his former girlfriend and the accusations against him are retaliation by political opponents.

"I haven’t worked at the [College Republicans] in like ten months. I’ve moved on but I won’t let neverTrump, Lincoln project types smear me because they’re bitter about an election they lost," Rajadurai tweeted on Monday.

Britt also put out a statement on the College Republicans page Thursday, saying sexual misconduct allegations "should not be thrown around as a joke or to score political points." The statement added she plans to initiate an "ethics and code of conduct agreement" that she pledged to sign and urged other national board members to sign.

The Washington Examiner reached out to both Britt and Rajadurai for comment.


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