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'Disgusting' Trump slammed by J6 cop's former partner after he praises 'incredible' Ashli Babbitt

Raw Story 9/15/2022 Raw Story

By Matthew Chapman

Right-wingers claim video shows Ashli Babbit was 'trying to stop the attack on the windows' before she was shot © provided by RawStory Right-wingers claim video shows Ashli Babbit was 'trying to stop the attack on the windows' before she was shot

On MSNBC Wednesday, Sandra Garza, the former partner of deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, tore into former President Donald Trump for praising Ashli Babbit, the January 6 insurrectionist who was killed by police while trying to force her way though a broken pane of glass.

Trump, who has repeatedly defended Babbitt and called her an "incredible woman," also called into a rally for the high-level January defendants in the D.C. jail this week.

"You could see [Babbitt] on video trying to climb through the chamber, which was the only piece of glass that was between these screaming insurrectionists who were trying to get in clearly to harm members of Congress, and she went through that glass and, you know, she wasn't killed in the street. She was killed trying to break into those offices and then praising her," said anchor Joy Reid. "What do you make of it?"

"First, I want to say Trump is disgusting," said Garza. "The comments that he made were incredibly insensitive. I do feel terribly for Ashli Babbitt's family. I know their pain is just as significant as my pain was, but what he said about Lieutenant Byrd, the officer who had to make that terrible decision and making that shot, was terrible. He put everybody there that day in a terrible position."

In addition to Trump being "responsible" for Babbit's death, said Garza, he also put Byrd in a "terrible position." Byrd, who made clear he only opened fire as a "last resort," has been a frequent target of right-wing rage on social media platforms.

"Justice for me will not be clear and, you know, a day where I can celebrate until he's in prison, as well as all of his cohorts who helped January 6th unravel that day," said Garza. "So I'm disgusted by his comments, and Louie Gohmert doing what he did for that person who was released from prison. It's a slap in the face for all the law-abiding citizens who would not behave in that manner, an assault on law enforcement and our democracy, the way those people did that day."

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