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Eric Trump posts creepy video to Twitter after swearing he's not a "tinfoil hat-wearing guy"

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Eric Trump spent his weekend getting dragged online after appearing at a pro-Trump Christian roadshow in on Friday.

The ReAwaken America Tour kicked back in April and has been making its way around the country ever since. It’s sort of a hybrid of a Trump rally, a religious revival, and a QAnon clusterf*ck.

VIP tickets go for $500 a pop and each tour stop features a rotating roster of right-wing celebrities, including people like the My Pillow guy, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones.

Eric appeared at last Friday’s event in Branson, Missouri, where he gave a rousing speech about how Democrats have hatched an evil plot to “destroy” Christianity, families, and children, before adding that, contrary to popular belief, he is not a “tinfoil hat-wearing guy.”

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“It’s unthinkable what these people are doing to this nation,” the ex-president’s son boasted. “The way they want to destroy Christianity, the way they want to destroy our families, the way they’re destroying our children, the way they’re destroying our history, the way they’re rewriting our textbooks–guys, this is a cognizant war in this country!”

“I’m not like the tinfoil hat-wearing guy,” he added. “But if anybody thinks that they’re not weaponizing every single one of these systems — there’s only one party that’s weaponizing the systems.”

Naturally, people on Twitter had a lot to say about Eric’s remarks…

After getting dragged all weekend, Eric appeared to respond yesterday evening by tweeting a creepy 15-second video of himself standing in the auditorium at the event pumping his fist in the air while the audience chanted “USA! USA! USA!”

Though the the video was submitted without commentary, it’s almost as though the ex-president’s son is trying to say, “You can make fun of me all you want but these people think I’m the best!”

Unfortunately for him, the weird video only led to even more dragging…

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