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Fox News Host Says He’s Changed His Mind on Whether Trump Criminal Indictment and Mug Shot Will Help His 2024 Bid

Mediaite 3/31/2023 Caleb Howe

Fox News contributor Sean Duffy told Fox Business host Stuart Varney that he has changed his mind on whether the indictment of Donald Trump and “mug shot” moment will help the ex-president in the 2024 presidential election.

Duffy appeared on Varney & Company Friday to discuss the indictment of Trump in the New York “hush money” case, and said that the historic situation is going to be good for Trump in the GOP primary, bad for America, and Democrats will “rue the day.”

“First off, Stuart, I agree with you this is a sad day for America,” Duffy said. He went through a list of previous Trump scandals, including the two impeachments, and said the indictment “is very helpful to Donald Trump in a primary.”

Duffy said it will push Trump “further up” in polling vs. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Yesterday, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t think this would help Donald Trump in the general election. The mugshot, the prosecution, he’s a criminal, um, can be used to greater effect by the left but I’ve talked to a lot of independents who they like the policies of Donald Trump — they didn’t like the attitude of Donald Trump and the tweets and, you know, the rhetoric — and they are livid that their country has come to this,” he said.

“You made the point this is like a third world country. They feel like America is no different right now, that the left is using the criminal justice system to prosecute a political enemy. They are outraged,” Duffy argued. “And today, I think, they are on the camp of Donald Trump.”

The two went on to discuss the ramifications for Democrats, which Duffy said are not good.

“In the end this will be bad for Democrats as well if Republicans get a backbone and go, we’re all going to live under the same standard and if you don’t want it to be the 250-year standard we had in the past you want it to be the new standard, so be it, but you’ll live by it as well,” Duffy said. “I think that, for Democrats, if you look out, look over the horizon whether you’re a year and a half, two and a half years from now, I think they will rule the day and regret they have done this, because Republicans are going to now come for them when the shoe is on the other foot.”

Appearing on Fox Business with Kennedy yesterday, Duffy said that it “might” benefit Trump, not that it definitely would, which is the apparent change of mind to which he was referring.

“If they bring him in handcuffs,” he said, “I think the American people, even independents and some Democrats, will be so outraged in the polilticization of the American legal system they just might reject it all and vote for Donald Trump, even if they don’t like him, but they’ll be so angry about how all this has played out.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox Business Network.

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