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GOP Challenger Chris Palombi hopes to unseat incumbent Steny Hoyer in Md.'s 5th district

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Voters in Maryland’s Congressional 5th District will decide whether to send incumbent Steny Hoyer back to Congress or elect newcomer Chris Palombi.

Caption: Hoyer's pitch to voters

Hoyer has spent four decades in Congress, and as the majority leader in the House, is one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress.

Caption: Hoyer on defunding the police

He says he’s most proud of sponsoring the Americans with Disabilities Act, bringing the Affordable Care Act to the floor and the early education platform his late wife pushed for resulting in more than 50 Judy Centers across the state.

I like this job. I think I do it well. My colleagues obviously have elected me majority leader of the Democratic side of the House, and I’ve been an effective leader in my opinion, not only on behalf of our county and our state, but also on behalf of the country. And if they believe that, they ought to reelect me and if not they ought to vote for somebody else,” said Hoyer.

Caption: Hoyer on systemic racism in policing

Hoyer’s Republican challenger is Chris Palombi.

Caption: Palombi and his farm

He’s a former Capitol police officer, hockey enthusiast, and coach at St. Mary’s Ryken High School

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“I'm a very, very big people person. I enjoy having conversations with everybody regardless of our political beliefs or backgrounds or religious beliefs too. I enjoy those conversations, even if it's somebody who has different views from I do, and I think we need to get back to that,” said Palombi.

Caption: Palombi on systemic racism

When it comes to restoring the economy, they have their own thoughts.

“I have an agenda that I put forward ten years ago which we’ve been pursuing and that’s make it in America, essentially that means create jobs, good jobs, good-paying jobs in America and make them here," Hoyer said. 

Caption: Palombi on defunding the police

“The stimulus they can work on right now is expanding the PPP loan to help out the small businesses who may need it right now,” said Palombi.

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