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GOP Congressman Tells Fox News That Trump Can End the Russia-Ukraine Conflict in One Phone Call: He Will ‘Call Putin and end this War’

Mediaite 1/26/2023 Alex Griffing

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) joined Fox News on Thursday and discussed the recent move by the Biden administration to send U.S. tanks to Ukraine to help fight off the invading Russian forces. Nehls ended the interview by offering anchor John Roberts his thoughts on how Biden could end the war – by calling former President Donald Trump.

The exchange began with Roberts asking Nehls “about the depletion of stockpiles because you served in the US military, you in the Army Reserve, you were a tank commander, in Kentucky.”

“There is a new report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies that suggests because of the number amount of weapons that we’ve been giving to Ukraine, if we went into a conflict over Taiwan, we’d have a difficult time finding enough weapons for it,” Roberts explained, asking:

It said, quote, ‘According to the results of a series of CSIS war games, the United States would likely run out of some munitions, such as long-range precision-guided munitions in less than one week in a Taiwan Strait conflict. Are we risking our own ability to fight a conflict by giving so much material?

“I believe we are,” Nehls replied, adding:

And look at what he’s done to the Strategic Warrior Reserve. Still, he’s done the same thing. They’re depleted that. So now we’re depleting our military, our munitions. It’s going to take years for the industry to catch up. But it’s up to $97 billion now, John, that we’ve sent to Ukraine, all this military munitions.

Now we want to send M-1 Abrams tanks. Obviously, there’s a crisis on every corner in this country. And look at what we’re dealing with globally, whether it’s trying to deal with Taiwan, whether it’s North Korea, teasing South Korea. So we’ve got problems in this country. And I think they’re exploiting the weakness we have in the White House.

“30, 31 Abrams M1-A2, the latest iteration of the tanks, minus the depleted uranium reactive armor, will soon be headed to Ukraine. You’re really scratching your head over this one,” Roberts said.

“I am, because the American people have to understand that is a very powerful piece of equipment, but it requires an enormous amount of logistical support. You have to have a logistical package. It has a jet engine. When you have to remove that engine, you need a big crane. It’s called, an M-88. It’s a wrecker for a tank. And you need to have smart people working on that. You need to have the maintenance personnel. You need to have the individuals know how,” Nehls responded as Roberts jumped in.

“So you say that the tanks are just the price of entry here?” asked Roberts.

“Well, you have four people on a tank crew. You’re going to need probably six or seven just to support the maintenance on that tank, the fuel, and everything else,” Nehls replied.

“Then you’ve got to train them all,” Roberts added in agreement.

“Congressman, good to have you in today. Good to meet you as well,” Roberts said trying to wrap up the interview.

“Yes, I would say this as it relates to Ukraine and what we’re doing here is that the American people I mean, it’s billions of dollars now, John, if we really want to end this war, you want in this war,” Nehls replied, adding some additional thoughts.

“Joe Biden, you need to call Donald Trump. Donald Trump will call Vladimir Putin and end this war. We must stop this war. And Donald Trump can do it. He never went into Ukraine under Donald Trump in his four years,” Nehls claimed.

“I predict that’s a phone call that will not happen,” Roberts shot back with a laugh.

“Well Donald Trump will fix it when he’s inaugurated as the 47th,” Nehls said.

“See what happens, Congressman, We’ll be watching it for the next two years. Thank you,” Roberts concluded.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News

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