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Griswold misleadingly claims that Republicans could soon end voting nationwide

KUSA-TV Denver 8/30/2022 Kyle Clark

Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold, an outspoken critic of Republican election misinformation, offered election misinformation of her own in a recent interview.

Griswold was quoted in an interview with the Guardian newspaper as saying, “The US could lose the right to vote within months” if Republicans are elected.

Griswold’s campaign did not provide evidence to support her claim and did not respond when asked if she still believed what she said.

A spokesperson offered a statement that appeared to backtrack from Griswold’s unsupported claim that Republicans could soon end US elections.

“To clarify, the right to vote is at risk for many Americans across the country,” said Griswold spokeswoman Kyla Sabado. 

The Griswold campaign pointed to a concern that Republican nominees for Secretary of State outside Colorado might not certify results of the 2024 election.

Griswold has misleadingly suggested that her Republican opponent in November is an election denier. GOP nominee Pam Anderson has been clear that she has faith in the election system and that President Joe Biden was elected fairly.

Anderson said Griswold’s claim that Republicans would end US elections within months was “self serving and damaging hyperpartisan rhetoric.”

“At a time of faltering voter confidence and mistrust in the system, this kind of polarizing rhetoric from our election referee further alienates our voters,” Anderson said. “She will only safeguard our democracy if it is to her partisan advantage.”

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