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Hunter Biden’s Legal Nightmare Is Just Getting Started

1945 logo 1945 3/27/2023 Brent M. Eastwood
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Mainstream Media Is Ignoring the Latest Hunter Biden Scandal: You can’t predict what the mainstream media will cover, especially when it comes to politics.

In these days of viral content, there are many choices to what constitutes a story that is worthy of public consumption.

Now Conservatives are crying foul over the latest sin of commission that the press has chosen to embark on. There is evidence that presidential son Hunter Biden and two other family members have received a mysterious and substantial payment from a Chinese company, and no-one knows why the payments were made.

The Bank Records Are Explosive

This is not based on hearsay or on anonymous sources. It is from evidence that does not lie, bank records – notably wire transfer receipts from Bank of America. One would think this would be a story of interest since it involves China - a country that is top of mind now. 

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An investigation by Congressman James Comer and the House Oversight Committee has revealed that the Bidens in question – Hunter, the president’s brother James, and the late Beau Biden’s wife Hallie -were the recipients of at least $1.3 million filtered through their business associate Rob Walker. There is also an unknown ‘Biden’ individual that has not been named. The committee does not know what services the Biden group did for the company that is named CEFC Energy in China.

Hunter Biden and More: Who Got What?

Hunter Biden reportedly received $500,000 in the spring of 2017. James made off with $360,000 during the same time period. Hallie was disbursed $25,000. The unknown Biden took $80,000 in the alleged scheme.

Despite the uncovering of the bank records, President Biden has denied the payments happened. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre won’t discuss the latest findings when asked.

Conservative Fox News Contributor Joe Concha is seeing red. Concha examined the media’s lack of coverage and found little interest in the latest Biden foibles and reserved more focus for the impending Donald Trump indictment in New York for activities related to his hush money payment to adult video star Stormy Daniels.

Sunday Shows Are Obsessed With Trump and Not the Bidens

“A review of ABC’s ‘This Week,’ CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’ NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ found that those shows dedicated more than 46 minutes to the potential Trump indictment,” Concha wrote. The Biden payment story received no coverage during the programs.

Maybe Comer needs to show more evidence about what the payments are for. There doesn’t seem to be a contract for the services. We are told by Hunter’s lawyer that this was “good faith seed money.” That doesn’t make sense. Seed money is for the growth of an early-stage company. So that would mean that the Bidens were starting some type of new business project.

Probably Not ‘Seed Money’

Seed funds are usually for developing technology and hiring workers, plus executing public relations, sales, and marketing efforts. The Bidens should be able to point toward these types of work for their new company with receipts and accounting records. Seed money is typically exchanged for equity, so there would be a paper trail of records filed with the Security and Exchange Commission for stock issued. There is no sign of a new business.

The biggest mystery is Hallie Biden who received money from CEFC despite her working as a school guidance counselor. She would appear to have little experience in business in the private sector. Why would she get the money unless there was something potentially nefarious yet to be uncovered in the alleged scheme? 

Hunter’s lawyer has said the Comer investigation is a “baseless right wing conspiracy theory.” Well, if it is really for seed money for a new business then that could be seen as legitimate payments. Until then it should be considered an item that the mainstream media should investigate too.

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