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'I applaud China': Joe Biden's gaffe leaves Canadian parliament in splits |Watch

India Today 3/25/2023 India Today World Desk
'I applaud China': Joe Biden's gaffe leaves Canadian parliament in splits |Watch © Provided by India Today 'I applaud China': Joe Biden's gaffe leaves Canadian parliament in splits |Watch

US President Joe Biden made a gaffe while addressing the Canadian Parliament on Friday. Biden said, "I applaud China", instead of praising Canada. 

"Today, I applaud China for stepping up," said the US President, before immediately correcting himself and adding, "Excuse me, I applaud Canada...You can tell what I'm thinking." 

His faux pas made the Canadian legislators erupt in laughter while he continued the speech.

The New York Post reported that Biden mixed up Canada and China while praising America's northern neighbor for agreeing to accept 15,000 more migrants per year from Latin American countries. As per the agreement, Canada will accept the migrants in exchange for the US consenting to Canadian efforts to deport those caught sneaking illegally into the country.

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The slip up was not Biden's last of the day, as he made a similar gaffe later by saying Japan while discussing China's relationship with Russia. Biden caught himself mid-word at "Japa..", reported the New York Post. 

The China-Canada slip up is being used by Republican leaders to poke fun at the president. Byron Donalds, a Florida Republican, shared a clip of Biden's mistake and said, "Gaffe or Freudian slip?"

"Biden "accidentally" praises China when addressing the Canadian Parliament.  China is on his mind, and the @HouseGOP knows why," he added. 

Former US President Donald Trump also commented on the video on his social media platform, Truth Social and said, "Just a disaster - We are a nation in decline." 

Biden had earlier made similar slip-ups. In July 2022, a video of him reading off a teleprompter went viral. During a televised speech, he accidentally read aloud the instructions written on the teleprompter and said, "End of quote, repeat the line."

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