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Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict in Oath Keepers Trial

Wealth of Geeks 1/25/2023 Chris Phelan

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Three members of the far-right group the Oath Keepers were found guilty of seditious conspiracy by a Washington, DC, jury on Monday afternoon. A fourth man associated with the group was also found guilty of the same charges.

The guilty verdict, stemming from the men's roles in the incident at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, has caused turmoil across social media. While some users have expressed elation over the news of a guilty verdict, others have argued that the Oath Keepers didn't receive a fair trial, among other things. 

According to CNN, the four men “were accused of plotting to stop the certification of Joe Biden's 2020 electoral college victory, a conspiracy that culminated in the attack on the US Capitol.”

Any political news revolving around January 6, 2021, causes people to flock to Twitter to express their opinions, and this latest news was no exception.

Twitter Blames Trump

One Twitter user called the guilty verdict “huge” and even suggests that former President Donald Trump himself may be the next person to face charges:

Defendants in many January 6th-related trials have often blamed Donald Trump for inciting them to commit violence, an accusation which the former President has frequently denied:

Twitters Questions Whether Trial Was Fair

However, some users, like NurseMindy00, argues that the Oath Keepers didn't “get a fair trial,” possibly due to the intense media scrutiny over the events of January 6th:

Calls for the Oath Keepers to be classified as a terrorist organization have been louder and louder since the guilty verdict was announced:

User iputadollarin points out inconsistency's in the media's coverage of the trial and verdict, accusing MSNBC of “Biden bashing.”

It seems that the prevailing opinion is that the Oath Keepers “aren't great guys,” as Twitter user natsechobbyist helpfully points out:

A few months after January 6th, some members of the GOP had said the incident looked more like a “normal tourist visit” as opposed to a full-scale insurrection, which is a moment that this particular user won't let Republicans forget anytime soon:

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