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Kari Lake Claims America Will Be ‘Enslaved By a Globalist System’ If More People Don’t Pretend She Won

Mediaite 11/30/2022 Candice Ortiz

Kari Lake is continuing to deny the midterm election results in Arizona that saw her opponent, Katie Hobbs, securing the victory.

On the Tuesday edition of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Lake sat down with the former Trump White House chief strategist to give an “update” about the decided election, which Lake still considers to be “illegitimate.”

A clip from the interview began to circulate on Twitter via Jason Campbell.

“Walk us through, for our audience, which are some of your biggest supporters, what’s the path forward?” host Steve Bannon asked.

“Well, the path forward is we’re waiting for, you know, as Vaughn Hilliard said, ‘We’re waiting for the state to certify,’ and we will watch as crooked Katie Hobbs and Gov. Doug Ducey and Mark Brnovich do a repeat of 2020 where they signed their John Hancock to the certification. And then we will be bringing forth our case,” Lake said.

“We have a very good case,” she insisted, “I feel very confident in our case, as do our lawyers, and we will work through the court system. I believe that there will be judges out there who realize what’s at stake here, and will do the right thing. And when they hear our case, I think it’s gonna be really hard for them not to do the right thing.”

Lake addressed those who are wondering what exactly the case her team claims to be working on entails.

“People are saying, ‘Why haven’t we seen more? What are you doing?’ There’s a process, there’s state statute that we have to follow, and we are doing that, but we feel very confident in our case. And I have not given up one scintilla of the fight I have in me,” Lake said.

“Somebody said, ‘Kari, you’re fearless.’ And I said, ‘You know, I guess I’m fearless right now in this difficult time because what I fear most of all is what happens if we don’t step forward and act with courage.’ Right now, what we’re left with, we will have a shell of our country,” she predicted.

Lake claimed that the country was in jeopardy of looking like China if more people don’t demand answers in her lost race.

“We look at what’s happening in Brazil and what’s happening in China. We’ll be looking a lot like China. And I’m not talking about the protests happening now. I’m talking about we’ll be enslaved by a globalist system if we don’t stand up right now. This is our moment. This is our true moment right now in our history,” she said.

“It’s a national crisis for your countrymen, but it’s a constitutional crisis in Arizona. Is there any way, this is what I don’t understand about Katie Hobbs and the left. She’s completely illegitimate here. She could never be governor here and really govern, the way they want to with this hanging over,” Bannon said.

As the conversation continued, Bannon asked about Lake’s current thoughts on Hobbs.

“Oh, the people know, they saw the campaign. They saw that we had a movement. They saw that everybody had — all the people on the other side had to pull out all the stops and pour all the money at us. And nobody believes the outcome of this election. And that is the problem,” she said.

“Take this election out of it. How do we move forward as a state and a country if nobody believes in the elections? And that’s why I’ve been saying it for a year and a half or two years now. We have a problem in our elections and we can’t have dishonest elections or elections that the public views to be dishonest going forward,” Lake said.

Watch above via Steve Bannon’s War Room.

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