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Kenosha County office flips to Republicans after Democrats made excuses for Black Lives Matter rioting

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 4/7/2022 Zachary Faria
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Kenosha County, Wisconsin, just elected a Republican to serve as its county executive. Given what Democrats and Black Lives Matter activists allowed to happen to the area in 2020, it isn’t a surprise that the GOP flipped the position.

Republican Samantha Kerkman defeated Democrat Rebecca Matoska-Mentink in the race to fill the officially nonpartisan position. According to Fox News, it’s the first time a Republican will hold the office since at least 1998. According to the Associated Press, Kerkman will be the first Republican ever to hold this office.

Historically, Democratic seats and districts have seen Republican winners over the last year and a half for a variety of reasons, as President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have overseen disaster after disaster. Kenosha’s problems date back to before Democrats took unified control of Washington, D.C., when the party was propping up the Black Lives Matter movement ahead of the 2020 election.

The riots began after Jacob Blake was shot in the act of arming himself with a knife to use against police officers who had ordered him to surrender. The police were arresting Blake for violating a restraining order taken out against him by a woman he was accused of sexually assaulting. Blake himself admitted to the Wisconsin Department of Justice that he was armed when shot by a police officer.

None of the facts mattered in this case. In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, activists and Democratic politicians issued blanket condemnations of the police. Activists and protesters flocked to Kenosha, and rioters joined them. The ensuing riots caused roughly $50 million in damages, as buildings and cars were burned and stores were looted. Police jailed 175 people in August 2020 over the riots, and in March 2021, another 55 people were charged by the Kenosha Police Department.

Afterward, everyone involved simply moved on. The national media attention went away, focused instead on the self-defense trial of a young man whom rioters had attacked and attempted to kill during the riots. The activists left, searching for the next opportunity for outrage. The Black Lives Matter organization continued to enrich its founders. Meanwhile, Kenosha was left to pick up the pieces, just as Ferguson, Missouri, and Minneapolis had been before.

National Democrats and their activist allies exploited an unfortunate but justified police shooting at the expense of Kenosha’s residents. They abandoned the area when it no longer served their political purposes. It’s no surprise that residents are turning away from the party in this election. It won’t be surprising if that trend continues.


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Original Author: Zachary Faria

Original Location: Kenosha County office flips to Republicans after Democrats made excuses for Black Lives Matter rioting


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