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‘Much More Agressive’: CNN Says Trump Docs Probe Heating Up As Search Team Trump Was Forced to Hire Testifies To Grand Jury

Mediaite 1/31/2023 Tommy Christopher

CNN says their scoop about the Trump grand jury shows the investigation into the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago is getting “much more aggressive,” especially compared with the Biden investigation.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and Katelyn Polantz reported Monday that two of the people hired by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers to search four Florida properties for classified documents have now testified before the federal grand jury investigating Trump. The search team was hired at the direction of a federal judge.

On Monday night’s edition of CNN’s OutFront, anchor Erin Burnett hosted correspondent Evan Perez to report the scoop, and Perez called the development an indication of “how much more aggressive” the Trump probe is compared to the investigation into President Joe Biden:

BURNETT: Breaking news in the Trump Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation. CNN just learning that two people hired to search Trump’s properties for the classified documents testified before a federal grand jury. Source tells CNN that two people who found classified material inside of Florida storage facility testified for about three hours each. Evan Perez is OUTFRONT on the breaking news.

And, Evan, what more do you know about these two people? And where the investigation stands right now?

EVAN PEREZ, CNN SENIOR JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Erin, the Justice Department and the Trump team have been a little bit — as the prosecutors were trying to get access to due to people. We don’t know they’re names. We do know however, thanks to the reporting from my Kaitlan Collins and Katelyn Polantz, these two people did go into the federal grand jury here in rushing ten, that is working with the team and the special counsel prosecutors are in investigating the former president for his mishandling of classified documents, found at Mar-a- Lago.

Now, the search that these two people did back in October, did turn up additional documents. And it really gives you a sense of how aggressive the prosecutors are being in this case. Simply because this is a more complicated case, this is a case involving potential obstruction of justice. In contrast to the documents that were found at President Biden’s home and off — private office.


PEREZ: And the documents found at Mike Pence’s former Vice President Mike Pence’s home. More recently. It gives you a sense of how much more aggressive they are being, because of the issues and the litigation that has been going on between the justice department and the former President Trump.

One other thing that the, that we have learned, is that the prosecutors are also trying to get access to some files on the computer of at least one staff member at the — at Mar-a-Lago. Again, another indication of the aggressiveness behind its investigation.

Watch above via CNN’s OutFront.

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