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Pelosi accused of hypocrisy after mingling with White House crowd without a mask

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 5/20/2021 Andrew Mark Miller
a close up of Nancy Pelosi in a blue shirt © Provided by Washington Examiner

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being labeled a hypocrite on social media after she attended a White House event without a mask and mingled with a large gathering of unmasked people.

The California Democrat was spotted mingling with roughly 60 unmasked colleagues at the White House, where President Joe Biden was signing anti-hate crime legislation into law.

The video sparked immediate criticism from conservatives who accused Pelosi of advocating that people continue wearing masks, vaccinated or not, while not wearing one herself.

“.@SpeakerPelosi enjoys going mask free at the White House but enforces discriminatory masks rules in the House and fines for not wearing a masks,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted along with the hashtag “#HouseOfHypocrites.”

“Just watched a video of Nancy Pelosi not wearing a mask in a crowded room despite fining her GOP colleagues for following the science & no longer wearing the mask!” former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted.

“.@SpeakerPelosi is fining members for not wearing masks on the House floor,” Young Americans for Liberty tweeted. “Here she is maskless with her fellow Democrats in a crowded room. It's not about health. It's about control.”

Pelosi enjoys flaunting her hypocrisy like it’s an expensive handbag,” radio host Buck Sexton tweeted.

“Meanwhile, @SpeakerPelosi fined me and @RepMTG and @RepBrianMast and other republicans $500 for not wearing a mask in the House chamber this week,” Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted. “Hypocrite!”

Earlier in the day, Pelosi suggested that it was wrong to use the “honor system” to determine who is vaccinated and who isn’t when she was asked whether she will keep the mask mandate in the House.

“Do you want them breathing in your face, on the strength of their honor?” she said.

Over the last few days, Pelosi has been sparring with House Republicans who have pushed back against her mask mandate.

Greene, Massie, and other House Republicans defiantly ripped their masks off on the House floor and brazenly posted unmasked photos of themselves on social media despite facing potential fines for doing so.

Greene took it a step further and posted a video of herself on Twitter, putting a written warning she received from Pelosi through a paper shredder.

Pelosi’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner.

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Original Author: Andrew Mark Miller

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