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President Trump stiffed longtime personal driver on thousand of hours of overtime, lawsuit alleges

New York Daily News logo New York Daily News 7/9/2018

President Trump’s longtime personal driver was stiffed on overtime for more than two decades, a new lawsuit alleges.

Noel Cintron claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Monday that “in an utterly callous display of unwarranted privilege and entitlement and without even a minimal sense of noblesse oblige President Donald Trump has, through the defendant entities, exploited and denied significant wages to his own longstanding personal driver.”

Cintron, according to court papers, “served as President Trump's personal driver for more than 20 years until the Secret Service recently undertook that role.”

As Trump’s personal driver, “he was forced to work thousands of hours of overtime without compensation. President Trump's further callousness and cupidity is further demonstrated by the fact that while he is purportedly a billionaire, he has not given his personal driver a meaningful raise in over 12 years!” Noel’s lawsuit alleges.

Cintron claims that during his time as Trump’s driver, he worked five days per week starting at 7 a.m. “to whenever Donald Trump, his family or business associates no longer required Plaintiff's services” totaling from 50 to 55 hours per week.

Because of the statute of limitations, Cintron can only seek allegedly unpaid overtime for the past six years, which he claims totals some 3,300 hours, court papers indicate.

Cintron also maintains he didn’t receive sufficient wages.

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In 2003, Cintron received $62,700 and in 2006 his salary was bumped to $68,000.

While Trump in December 2010 “purported to increase Plaintiff's annual salary by $7,000, to a total of $75,000 per year… The word ‘purported" is used in the immediately preceding paragraph because this $7,000 increase was granted solely because Plaintiff was induced to surrender his health benefits obtained through Trump, saving Trump approximately $17,866.08 per year in health insurance premiums,” court papers claim.

“Plaintiff has not received any raises since then,” Cintron claims.

Cintron, who since the Secret Service took over driving duties has “rendered services as a member of the Trump security staff,” names the Trump Organization and Trump Tower Commercial LLC as defendants in his lawsuit.

Neither the Trump Organization nor its lawyers immediately responded to requests for comment.


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