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Ron DeSantis on what being conservative means: 'Our rights come from God, not government'

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 2/27/2023 Heather Hamilton
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he believes the essence of being a conservative today means recognizing that people’s “God-given rights” are on “loan” to the government.

“The foundation of it is understanding the American project,” DeSantis told Fox News host Mark Levin on Sunday. “Our rights come from God, not the government. The founders rejected the divine right of kings.”


“We have these God-given rights,” he continued. “We loan power to the government under a Constitution to protect those rights.”

While discussing his new book The Courage to be Free, DeSantis explained that his roots of growing up in “eclectic” Florida with a blue-collar family that held Rust Belt values kept him grounded while attending the liberal classrooms of Yale and Harvard.

“It was so different from what I thought was appropriate that I wasn’t influenced by it in terms of it pulling that direction. I rebelled in the other way,” the Republican governor said. “I got through Yale and Harvard and came out more conservative than when I went in.”

DeSantis touted how those days have emboldened him to resist the influence of the political “swamp” and stand up against attacks from the liberal media.

“They’ve detached from facts entirely, and it’s all about the narrative — whatever narrative they can spin. And they know a lot of these narratives are bogus,” DeSantis said. “Here’s the flip side of that: When they attack me, our voters, they view that as confirmation that I’m doing a good job.”

The Republican governor also offered a point of advice for upcoming conservative political leaders: “Don’t be captive to public opinion; shape public opinion.”

He noted that producing favorable results is more important than analyzing poll results, which he described as misleading and “static.”

DeSantis added that serving the people must be the priority, saying his approach to governing during the COVID-19 pandemic and upholding traditional values has proven “there is a lot of frustration within the country.”


“I think what Florida shows is you can stand for the right things, you can take on a a lot of the elites that are really doing damage to our society, and you can win,” he said. “There is a better way. There is a better way that people in states can be successful, and I do believe there is a way that United States can be successful once again.”

Although the Florida governor has not said he will enter the 2024 presidential race, many GOP voters have indicated they highly favor his candidacy.


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