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'Send more p to grab': Donald Trump brutally mocked over fake prayer photo

Alternet logo Alternet 3/23/2023 Brandon Gage
 Image via @realDonaldTrump/Truth Social. © provided by AlterNet Image via @realDonaldTrump/Truth Social.

Former President Donald Trump shared an artificial intelligence-generated picture of himself kneeling and praying to his Truth Social account on Thursday afternoon, triggering a blizzard of mockery on social media.

Despite it looking like a real photograph, Matt Novak of Forbes explained what clues lie within it that are tell-tale signs of it being an "almost certainly fake" image.

"For starters, you always want to look at the hands. AI image creation tools have tremendous difficulty with generating realistic hands, and this image is no different. Trump appears to be missing his ring finger on his right hand, at the very least, and his thumbs are grafted on in a jumbled mess that seems to defy basic human anatomy," Novak wrote.

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"The first clue should’ve been that Trump is taking one knee in a pose that would be somewhat difficult for a fit and healthy man who's 76 years old, let alone Trump. As far as I can tell, Trump has never taken a knee in public," he continued. "The other big giveaway that this image isn't real is that Trump's right knee—the one on the ground—appears to be directly behind his left foot. Trump isn't proficient in yoga—or he's been hiding his super-human flexibility for a very long time."

Novak also posted an extended analysis to Twitter, where users held no punches ridiculing Trump.

jeff: "Uh, I think the 'biggest clue' is simply that it's a picture of Trump praying. Of course it's fake."

death cube for cutie: "You can tell it's fake because if he did that in person his knees would explode."

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Bill B.: "Made it look like he's dropped 100 lb."

Roland Gerritson van der Hoop: "Who would he be praying to? He already thinks he is part of the Trinity, and not the Son or the Holy Ghost part."

Sean O'Connor: "Yeah, there's no way his fatness wouldn't just break those knees in that pose."

erik: "Having never actually prayed in real life he had to turn to AI to make it look convincing."

Elyse: "Why we all know it's fake is that he worships himself so would never bow down to anyone else."

Arc Spartacus: "The ramifications of using this kind of imagery by politicians and manipulators is going to take us into some dark places in the near future. Not this one in particular but its stepping stones that immoral autocrats will do anything to smear opponents and distort reality."

Neal Pomea cajunmusicmp3: "'Send more p to grab.'"

Patricia Hale: "The big hands are the giveaway!"

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Novak's full column is available here (subscription required).

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