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Sorry Democrats, you’re stuck with Kamala

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 2/7/2023 Timothy P. Carney
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By now, almost everyone knows it: Vice President Kamala Harris is a horrible politician, would be an embarrassing presidential nominee, and would not be a good president.

The New York Times has a long piece on how this realization is spreading through Democratic circles. At times, the reporters try to soften the blow, but the judgment of Democratic insiders is unavoidable.


Quin Hillyer lays out concisely why Harris is so unpopular. She cackles menacingly or awkwardly at totally inappropriate times. And when she speaks, she gives off the impression of a child who forgot to prepare for his school presentation.

Here’s a partial list of the ridiculous, vacuous things Harris has said when she’s trying to sound profound. Two highlights collected by the Republicans:


Her track record is not impressive, either. Harris totally failed in her 2020 presidential run, not winning a single state. She won statewide primaries in California because the entire California Democratic machine lined up behind her, which wouldn’t do her much good when trying to win over farmers or factory workers in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania.

There is no reason to think Harris would be a good presidential nominee.

But Democrats have to stick with her. They need to make her President Joe Biden’s running mate if Biden, despite his age, runs again in 2024. And they need to try to hand her the nomination whenever Biden steps down, whether in 2024 or 2028.

They have no choice because their identity-politics rules require it.

Biden has made it clear that identity politics is Rule No. 1 in his party. He never considered a straight white male for vice president, and he never considered Indian Americans or black men for the Supreme Court vacancy. Democrats regularly use the whiteness and maleness of the GOP as evidence of the GOP's racism and sexism. They can't violate their own rules on this because it would be too obvious.

The vice president is typically next in line, and it would be extraordinary not to nominate the sitting vice president when the presidency opened up.

Biden didn’t seek the nomination in 2016, in part because Democratic identity-politics rules required a woman nominee — specifically Hillary Clinton. Al Gore got the nomination in 2000.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale got the nomination in 1984. Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey got the nomination in 1968. You have to go back to 1952 and Alben Barkley to find a sitting or even former Democratic vice president who never got the party’s nomination.


Would the Democrats really toss 70 years of precedence to skip over the first female vice president and the first black vice president?

They can’t. They’re stuck with Kamala, which is the only reason Republicans have a chance, given how haunted their party is by the corrupt, narcissistic, and incontinent former President Donald Trump and the Only Trumpers.


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