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The Mercury's Sound Off for Wednesday Feb. 1

The Mercury logo The Mercury 1/31/2023 The Mercury, Pottstown, Pa.

Jan. 31—It was wonderful to see the Philadelphia Eagles advance to the Super Bowl. The men on that team appear to be having fun and appear to genuinely like each other. The coaching staff is a refreshing change and appear to actually enjoy the game. The same goes for Kansas City and Andy Reid.

Michael Stern

Oh good, Joe Biden just gave us his word as "a Biden" that he never felt more optimistic about the future of the USA. That's right, the border is open, real wages are down, energy costs are outrageously high, the Taliban controls Afghanistan, & the cartels are making billions smuggling fentanyl. Joe's word as "a Biden" isn't worth the breath it takes to say "Biden".

Ruth Mutter

Again, Realist pushes the climate change denier line, touting the 'factual opinion' piece by conservative writer Jerry Shenk, on the "World Climate Declaration", issued by a small group of (mostly) non-climatologists. This paper, with links to the fossil fuel industry, which brands the majority of world scientific opinion as 'cultish', has been debunked. That should be your tip-off that there is an agenda here. Reiterating, CO2 is good until it suffocates you.

I read in the Mercury that Chrissy Houlahan repeated the Democratic party talking point that we need to raise the debt limit "to pay for the stuff we already bought". How does this make any sense? If you max out your credit card how does raising your limit pay for stuff you already bought? All that does is to allow you to buy more stuff that you cannot afford.

Logical Bob

Biden's assault on oil companies continues. Chevron over doubles last year's profits to a company-record $36 billion. Where can I get assaulted like that?


Remember when Alec Baldwin resurrected his dead career by parodying Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and all the Ultra Woke progressive democrats loved it and dreamed of the day Donald Trump would be imprisoned? Well it looks like they're going to see their dreams come true. But I bet they didn't think it would be their Trump imposter going to jail and not the real Donald. Dem's be tripp'n!


The death of a dog made the front page of The Mercury. Sorry to hear about it, but does that really merit this type of news coverage? Pets get killed in accidents every day. During hunting season, even on my own property that is posted, I wear orange when walking in the woods. Put orange on that loose dog, on your kids, and on yourself. Easier to see when along the road too.


For months I have been turning off the commercials on TV asking for donations to the ASPCA and Shriners hospitals. I am sick of seeing the horrible images of distressed animals and handicapped children. I am all for their cause, but I don't need to see the images in every commercial. I pay $200 a month to have DirectTV. They should take $20 of my monthly payment and donate it and take the ads off the air.

Tom M

NY City Mayor Adams said the Big Apple is at its "breaking point" as a record number of illegals continue to arrive. Adams said the cost to handle illegals is approaching $2 billion. It's great that northern states/cities are experiencing the chaos suffered by the southern states/cities for so long. Adams should call Sleepy Joe and ask Joe after his border visit if the border is still secured. Keep voting Blue!


Snow geese have been flying by the thousands over Pike Township this week. Looks like a lot of them were heading east to west.

Barbara Hogan

Denmark is one of the world's most vaccinated countries. Excess deaths are on the rise after mass vaccination. If vaccines were safe and effective, why is the excess trend getting much worse at a time when the Covid variants became less deadly? Undeniably something new is causing excess deaths among the young. Though admitting the vaccine is the culprit would be very difficult for any gov't., it certainly would be the whole truth.

Info Depot

So lawyer Adam Sager sent a letter threatening a lawsuit against Upper Pottsgrove Township's building a Municipal Complex on Open Space but it was only shared with 3 of the 5 commissioners ... the commissioners who agreed to build. Do you see that as fair and equitable?

Taxpayer in UPT

Happy Dot and others who blame the covid vaccine on sudden cardiac arrest. Damar Hamlin and others suffered from Commotio cordis which has been around since the 1930s, long before the covid vaccine. There are an average of 30 cases of this worldwide per year.

The NY Post and Miranda Devine along with Tucker Carlson at Fox News are reporting that it is likely that at least one email on Hunter Biden's laptop contains information from a classified document or an entire classified State Department Memo on Ukraine. The reasoning is sound and since this duo has led the way on the Hunter Biden story, it is likely correct. Could it be that Hunter got the information from his dad?

Michael Stern

When the DNC computer system was allegedly hacked, the FBI allowed Crowdstrike to investigate it. For over 2 years, Adam Schiff was on TV telling us that they had found the Russians were responsible. And somehow they colluded with Trump. Then the truth came out, we find out that Crowdstrike couldn't confirm Schiff's lies. But he certainly did control the narrative in MSM. Isn't it time for the real story of Seth Rich?

H. John

The $7 trillion in spending bills passed by the Democratic Party since Biden took office will increase the debt service on our national debt to over $400 billion/yr. As a result, we will be spending $1.29 for every dollar of revenue we bring in. Obviously, this is not sustainable, so Republicans want to initiate discussions to curb this problem. But Joe Biden refuses to talk about it, calling them "financially demented." Huh....?

Greg Levengood

If Biden's Delaware house is a crime scene with a fourth batch of stolen top-secret documents found onsite, why is the DOJ allowing him to go to that house for the weekend? Americans are disgusted with the two-tier justice system.


President Kennedy was right about scattering the pieces of the Clowns In America, aka CIA, into a thousand pieces. However, we might want to add all of the other alphabet agencies into that mix as they are all corrupt and politized and are a threat to the country.

J Dog

Responding to "Classified " A vague broad term on Jan. 20. Classified, Secret, Top Secret or Eyes Only, Biden stole documents, it's that simple! The FBI is allowing Biden's lawyers to control the crime scenes! When you commit your particular crime will you be allowed to conduct your own search of the crime scene? What documents are being destroyed? Secret top-secret or eyes only? The FBI DOJ and Bidens are criminals!

Just the facts!

The LGBTQ 'agenda': "It's none of your business who someone loves." Whether it's an 'evolutionary dead end' is irrelevant. Personal relationships and believing or not believing in science are unrelated. Equating science acceptance with something you disapprove of implies you don't accept the science you claim supports you. No one is trying to turn you gay. Apparently, you disapprove of both science acceptance and homosexuality. BTW, the core of science is questioning blind belief.

Spiteful Trump filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for stealing votes away from him in 2016!! This is the election in which he was elected. This week a judge threw the case out and called it a revenge lawsuit and said it tied up the court and was nonsensical. He fined Trump almost a million dollars. This may slow his absurd behavior in the future. Source USA today, Jay Miller.

This could possibly be the best Q&A exchange of all time at a presidential press conference — FOX News Peter Doocy: "Mr. President, classified material next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?" Dopey Joe: "My Corvette's in a garage, okay? So it's not like they're sitting out on the street." Peter Doocy: "Was it in a locked garage?" Dems expect us to believe 81 million Americans actually voted for this clown?


Democrats and the liberal media want the GOP-led House to rubber-stamp an upcoming increase to the national debt limit. They are already on TV demanding a "clean" increase with no requirements to constrain future spending. To do so would be fiscally irresponsible. If a person or business exhausts their available credit, lenders will likely not increase their credit limit, certainly not without conditions. It's time our spend-happy politicians get a taste of reality!

Robert Minninger

I find it very sad that the individuals in Congress, state and federal offices think that they will live forever.

Star Light

I guess I just have to accept the fact that I'm getting old. It now takes me longer to rest up than it did to get tired!

Jim Fitch

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