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Trump finally committed 'political suicide' with his latest 'stupid' comments: conservative

Raw Story 12/4/2022 Tom Boggioni
Donald Trump holds a press conference at Trump Turnberry. ( © provided by RawStory Donald Trump holds a press conference at Trump Turnberry. (

In a column for the highly conservative Hot Air, Republican speechwriter David Strom expressed his disgust at Donald Trump's call for "the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution" because he thinks the 2020 election was stolen from him.

As Strom sees it, the former president -- whom he believes has previously flirted with destroying his political career -- finally committed "political suicide" and will never recover.

Writing, "It’s like a social science experiment with 350 million participants. Researchers are asking: just how batsh!t crazy does a person have to be to lose 95% of their fans? For some reason, Trump has decided to participate as the experimental subject," Strom added, "There are several obvious things about Trump’s statement that are simply politically stupid. Like, really really stupid. Assuming there were no legal or ethical barriers to either calling a new election or suspending the Constitution (stay with me here, I know that is insane!), it is still politically stupid."

The columnist noted that the country faces a myriad of problems and that the former president seems oblivious about anything that doesn't involve him, and talking about throwing out the Constitution is beyond the pale.

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"Imagine having an ad hoc presidential campaign or an effective coup in the midst of all the challenges we face. Our friends and adversaries would see a weak, divided America and international chaos would ensue. It would be a disaster. The world economy would be shaken far more than it is. It would be a crisis of enormous proportions," he wrote. "Americans are done with 2020. Old news. Both election fraud and January 6th are in the rear-view mirror politically. So politically Trump is tossing a grenade into the country. Few people want to see it explode."

Adding, "There is no legal basis for anything Trump has suggested," he continued, "Basically, he is saying that in order to fix things we have to destroy everything."

"In order to accomplish what Trump is advocating you would need a coup. Nobody in power today–not the Courts, not Congress, and certainly not the Executive Branch–would even think of establishing a legal basis for a new election or installation of Trump as the legitimate winner, even if it were possible.," he lectured before admitting, "I am not a Never Trumper. That struck me as a religious affiliation, not a rational political position. For me, the only question that matters about a politician is will they make the country better? Do the right thing as much as possible? Be better than the other guy? Well, tossing out the Constitution doesn’t make the country better. It blows it up."

Strom continued, "I think that most Americans will recoil at Trump’s outburst. I certainly did. And while many will indulge in an impulse to defend him because they have liked him, their zeal to do so will diminish over time. How much effort will most people want to put into defending the indefensible?" before concluding, "I can’t defend Trump’s call to toss out the Constitution (or any legal procedures that pass Court muster). And I won’t."

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