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Tucker Carlson Absolutely Destroys Liz Cheney For Promoting Idea that Capitol Rioters Were White Supremacists

Mediaite logo Mediaite 2/26/2021 Colby Hall

Rep. Liz Cheney is a career politician with an august and inside-the-beltway family name. As such, she is probably prepared for the attacks from former President Donald Trump and his political minions. But after Thursday night, she might have a much greater concern: the thorough criticism from Tucker Carlson. 

There is a reason that Carlson draws roughly three million viewers every night: he is very good at hosting a primetime opinion show. His deft ability to thread a needle of news analysis through an eye of unpredictable opinion that both angers many on the left and makes perfect sense to his viewers, is why his show is regularly the highest-rated cable news program. Stating as much doesn’t make one a believer in all that he says, but an objective corollary to the “don’t hate the player” ethos that he is very good at this game. For better or worse.

On Thursday night, he opened the segment above by first comparing Democrats (and those he believes are conspiratorially in league with the Biden administration) to fascists like Josef Stalin or Ayatollah Khomeini. Outrageous!

That introductory portion of the segment almost immediately went viral and earned derision from predictable partisan precincts. More importantly, the over-the-top hyperbole sucked in his viewers for the salvo he was to aim at his real target, Rep. Cheney.

The daughter of former VP and Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, Rep. Cheney is the very definition of GOP establishment and had become a pariah in the Trump world long before the Capitol riots. Her vote to impeach Trump for leading that insurrection only cemented her role as an outsider to the current GOP power structure (for the time being at least), but this was not what Tucker was going after.

At issue in Thursday’s segment? Cheney’s recent proclamation that the Republican Party needs to distance itself from white supremacists, particularly after the Capitol insurrection left a half dozen or so individuals dead, including members of the Capitol Police.

“At the moment, Democrats are fixated on forcing you to agree that yes, January 6 was a racist event,” Carlson noted. “It’s been fascinating to see who in America complies with this demand, to say that out loud. In a speech this week, Liz Cheney of Wyoming decided to obey.”

Carlson took specific issue with Cheney’s recent public comments that the Republican party needed to distance itself from the white supremacist movement, particularly those that took part in the Capitol riots that occurred on January 6th. It is a topic he has covered before, and I have written about it also. His point is that the Capitol riot was not purely a “white supremacist”-led event, and to label the Capitol riots as such is not correct or fair.

This brings us back to Liz Cheney’s comments, which wholly angered Carlson. Cheney said during a Zoom press event “It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.”

“Who claims otherwise? Who is saying the Republican party is the party of white supremacy?” Carlson asked rhetorically. “It’s a corporate party, sure. It’s the embarrassing party often. It’s a stupid party, definitely. The white supremacy party? Only Democrats and their propagandists and the media say that, and now Liz Cheney. ”

Carlson’s willingness to criticize the Republican party with such candor is, again, what sets him apart from the rest. His granular focus on one aspect of a larger story that effectively leads viewers to pay attention to trees instead of a larger forest is what makes him so influential.

The Fox News host then reported that of the nearly 200 individuals arrested for their actions on January 6th, Tucker Carlson Tonight’s researchers counted only five that were openly racist. It is not clear how that research was conducted.

“Racism is bad,” he made clear to his viewers before boasting that no other show opposes “hurting people on the basis of their race, no matter who is doing it, no matter how they’re justifying it. We’re always against racism.”

“But five people out of 199? How is that a white supremacist insurrection?” Carlson asked in a bit of a straw-man argument. The answer, of course, is that it’s neither fair nor correct to call that attack a “white supremacist insurrection,” but that there were white supremacists who were involved.

Carlson then correctly noted that if there were common themes among those who invaded the Capitol, those were that: they were poor and believed that the election was stolen. He said they were correct to believe that the electing was rigged, not by voter fraud, but by a Tech Industry that weighted the scale against the Trump campaign, an issue he has cited before.

It’s notable that Carlson is not criticizing Cheney for explicitly going against Trump, which separates him from many conservative opinion-based colleagues. He is going after what he sees as Cheney’s craven ploy to return to a status quo that previously gave her—and her hawkish pro-defense spending allies—so much power and fortune, which also led to a rather significant US military global footprint that puts American lives at risk.

“Liz Cheney knows what to say to get what she wants,” was the thesis of the 10-minute essay, at least adjudged by the chyron that ran much of the segment.

The fact that Carlson was so hypercritical of the Wyoming Representative, and took her apart in such a unique manner that was not particularly pro-Trump, should give Rep. Cheney much greater concern than any animus that is to come from Trump’s CPAC speech on Sunday.

Watch above via Fox News.

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