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WATCH: Fox News’ Will Cain Tells Hunter Biden Repair Shop Owner Flat Out There’s No ‘Smoking Gun’ in Elon Musk’s Twitter Files

Mediaite 12/4/2022 Ken Meyer

Fox News’ Will Cain seemed to pump the brakes on the Hunter Biden hype train by noting that a “smoking gun” implicating any government officials has yet to be revealed in Elon Musk’s Twitter files.

On Sunday, Cain and his Fox & Friends colleagues spoke to John Paul Mac Isaac — the former Delaware computer shop owned who turned over Hunter Biden’s laptop — about Musk’s endeavor to reveal the full details behind Twitter’s attempt to suppress the Biden laptop controversy of 2020. As Isaac spoke about what he experienced after5 he brought the laptop to the FBI’s attention, Cain asked him a number of questions — and presented a number of observations — about Musk’s material.

“As much as we’ve seen from what Elon released about the coordination between the government and Twitter, there isn’t necessarily a smoking gun to your case,” Cain said. “In other words, we don’t have the government official saying ‘Spike that.’ Do you think that probably exists? Do you expect that somewhere and is yet to be seen? We see a Twitter that is ready and willing to do what the government wants…But we haven’t yet seen who made the call and who put it in their mind?”

Isaac answered with his hypothesis that “the FBI is smart enough not to create a paper trail when it comes to affecting the course of an election.”

“I’m pretty sure the FBI was careful about how they communicated. I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said. “We do have acknowledgment from Facebook. Even [Mark] Zuckerberg, back in October 28th of 2020, told Congress when Zuckerberg and YouTube, Google got dragged in front of Congress to explain Section 230 immunity. they said it was common practice for law enforcement to reach out to social media. So I’m not surprised there is not a paper trail. I hope that the FBI is smart enough not to implicate them in something like that, but, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Musk has claimed that Twitter’s actions in recent years were tantamount to election interference, and he has claimed that releasing the files through Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss will be a positive for Twitter’s transparency. While the files seem to indicate a bias against right-wing media at Twitter, some conservatives were hoping for more than this confirmation, and — to Cain’s point — the files have yet to implicate any government officials or campaign operatives in wrongdoing.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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