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‘We Have Your Back’: Gavin Newsom Lines Up Behind Biden — Promises He Won’t Challenge POTUS in 2024

Mediaite 11/26/2022 Tommy Christopher

California governor Gavin Newsom has pledged his support for President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection bid, and vowed not to challenge Biden in a Democratic primary.

Even as former President Donald Trump faces a growing threat to his 2024 ambitions from a surging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, at least one rising Democratic star has promised to clear the field for Biden.

In a new interview with Politico, Newsom told Jonathan Martin that he’s promised Biden his support:

“I’ve told everyone in the White House, from the chief of staff to the first lady,” he recounted to me as we sat on the top floor of California’s now-ceremonial governor’s mansion on election night.

His message to Ron Klain and Jill Biden over the summer — when he visited Washington amid growing speculation, and considerable West Wing irritation, that he was plotting a primary challenge — was to count him as a firm supporter of Biden’s reelection: “I’m all in, count me in,” he said he told them.

Newsom relayed the same to Biden himself on election night.

Newsom says when he spoke to Biden on Election Night, he told the president “I’m all in; put me in coach. We have your back.”

Despite attempts to create suspense around the question, President Biden has been consistent in saying that he intends to run in 2024, and that Vice President Kamala Harris will be his running mate.

In an interview last month, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the president about 2024, and Biden expressed confidence.

“The big question, of course, is when you’re going to make an official announcement about whether or not you’re going to run for 2024 for reelection. Do you think you’ll make a decision before the end of the year?” Tapper asked.

“Well, look, I’m not going to make this about my decision. I’m going to make this about this off-year election. After that’s done in November, then I’m going to be in the process of deciding,” Biden said.

“Is one of the calculations that you think you’re the only one who can beat Donald Trump?” Tapper asked.

”I believe I can beat Donald Trump again,” Biden said with a smile.

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