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What happened the last time Biden gambled on the green agenda

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 4/10/2021 Larry Behrens
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Tell me if you've heard this one before:

“This announcement today is part of the unprecedented investment this administration is making in renewable energy. ... By investing in the infrastructure and technology of the future, we are not only creating jobs today but laying the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st-century economy.”

Those words belong to President Joe Biden as he confidently announced a massive taxpayer commitment to a renewable power future. The investment would mean enormous amounts of power from an energy source that promises to change the future of our country.

Those words are from 2009. The company he talked about that would lay the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st-century economy? Solyndra.

Solyndra was the poster child of the clean energy future for the Obama administration. Few recall how then-Vice President Biden was the architect of a sweetheart deal that promised a $535 million taxpayer investment that promised to secure 3,000 construction jobs, 1,000 permanent jobs, and enough energy to replace the power of “three or four coal-fired power plants.”

Less than two years after Biden’s bold claims, Solyndra had used up the money, laid off the employees, and shuttered its doors. Solyndra became a poster child for something very different.

Unbelievably, Biden wants us to trust him again. Fast-forward to March 2021, and Biden was once again talking about the promise of jobs generated by an investment in green energy:

“My American Jobs Plan will put hundreds of thousands of people to work — hundred of thousands of people to work — line workers, electricians, and laborers — laying thousands of miles of transmission line; building a modern, resilient, and fully clean grid … ”

Biden wants us to gamble with his green scheme again, only this time, the buy-in is hundreds of billions of dollars.

The state of California is miles down the green road Biden wants the rest of the country to follow, and the results speak for themselves. Last summer, as Biden was campaigning with then-Sen. Kamala Harris, her home state of California was in the midst of a heatwave, and many of her constituents were left without electricity. California gambled big on green energy, and it failed them when the state needed it the most.

It’s like the movie sequel no one asked for and no one needed. You can almost see the commercial now: “Coming this summer from director Joe Biden: Solyndra: 2 Green 2 Bankrupt!

Adding a jolt of insult to this injury, working families in California pay a premium for unreliable electricity. Residential customers pay 46% more than the national average, and electric bills for commercial business owners are a whopping 69% higher. Even if Biden can remember the blackouts and the high cost of power in California, he’s counting on the rest of us to forget.

While he likely won’t admit it, Biden’s newest proposal to spend more than a quarter-trillion dollars on his green dreams is an admission of failure. The fact that his energy solutions can’t survive without being propped up by massive amounts of taxpayer dollars proves Biden doesn’t learn from his past green scheme mistakes. Biden still wants to party like it’s 2009.

Larry Behrens is the western states director for Power The Future (@PTFNewMexico), an organization fighting for America’s Energy Workers. He previously served as communications director for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. You can find him on Twitter @larrybehrens or email at

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