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Why Donald Trump Might Not Be Able to Run For President

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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's infamous attorney, made a pretty bold prediction back in December that the media largely missed and I think is worth thinking about: Trump may not run for president after all. 

Cohen told CNN in an interview that " don't believe yet that I'm wrong. In fact, all he's done is file a single piece of paper making an announcement that he's intending, that he's running for the presidency of the United States as a Republican and he's looking for the nomination."

“Ok, who’s his campaign manager? Who’s his finance director? Who’s his press secretary? Who is his scheduler? Where’s his staff? There is none.”

But does all of that indeed mean Trump won't run? 

No, Donald Trump Is Running Unless He Is in Jail? 

I hate to bust Michael Cohen's bubble - but I do think, indeed, Donald Trump will run for president. Nothing will stop him. And I do mean nothing. 

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Trump clearly does not care what chaos is swirling around him and oftentimes seems to excel when all the cards are stacked against him.

Time and time again, when Trump looks like he is down and out, be bounces back.

This isn't me being some MAGA or Trump fanboy - I clearly have my issues with the man - but he always seems to have unlimited political lives and just keeps trucking. 

After all, this is the guy who can literally say anything - including truly racist comments - and somehow not end his political career. 

I will admit, I can see why Coehn is saying this - it seems Trump has so many court cases and possible ways he could go to jail that any of these could make him politically unviable.

However, I see Trump - even if he was charged with something - using it as a fundraising opportunity and a way to get his supporters even more fired up. 

What gives Donald Trump power is media attention. The more attention he has, the better he seems to do. 

My opinion: unless the man is actually convicted of a crime and is literally in jail, he is running for president.

And even then, he might try to run for president from a cell. This is, after all, Donald Trump we are talking about. 

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