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Why Donald Trump's Toast At Daughter Tiffany's Wedding Was So Eye-Opening

Nicki Swift 11/21/2022 Emily Hutchinson
Donald Trump speaking © Bloomberg/Getty Images Donald Trump speaking

Donald Trump gave a pretty interesting speech at daughter Tiffany Trump's wedding when she married Michael Boulos at her dad's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on November 12. Tiffany's mom, Donald's second wife, Marla Maples, revealed to People that her dad took on the tradition of walking her down the aisle and also twirled her around the dancefloor for the traditional father/daughter dance. Tiffany herself gave a glimpse at the sweet moments she shared with her family on Instagram in the days that followed, posting a gorgeous wedding video on November 17. That followed Donald's daughter posting a few photos from the big day on November 14, which revealed she had her half-sister Ivanka Trump as one of her bridesmaids. "The most magical day 11.12.2022," she captioned the Instagram upload alongside a white heart emoji.

But it's what the former "Celebrity Apprentice" star said at his daughter's big day that's really had everybody talking, as his father of the bride speech was oh so Donald.

Donald Trump Spoke About Spending During Tiffany Trump's Wedding

Footage of Donald Trump and Tiffany Trump's first dance and his speech was shared by Page Six, giving fans a look at one of the more interesting things the former president said as he gave away his daughter. Perhaps the most eye-opening? Donald claiming to be frugal when it came to how they were going to prepare for potential wind and rain caused by Hurricane Nicole. There was reportedly some worry from Tiffany before the ceremony that things could be disrupted by the weather, though Donald admitted he didn't want to pay more to protect the big day. "They said, 'Sir, we are going to build a big tent over the pool,'" Donald said while speaking to the room. "I don't want a tent because if you build a tent, two things: Number one, it costs a lot of money. Who wants to spend the money? And two, it's just not the same. And I said, 'Let's take our chances, right Tiff?'"

Of course, the mention of money caused quite a stir, with plenty across the globe weighing on Donald's choice of words. "Kiss 100 Kenya"'s Chito Ndhlovu even had his say, telling the politician, "Bro, it's your kid's wedding! Talk about how she was an amazing child... Clearly you were not in her life at that point!" Another tweeted, "So trump was more concerned about not spending money to build a tent if rain during his younger daughter['s] wedding!"

How Much Did Tiffany Trump And Michael Boulos Spend On Their Wedding Day?

Tiffany Trump posing with Michael Boulos © Noam Galai/Getty Images Tiffany Trump posing with Michael Boulos

So, we know Donald Trump clearly wasn't willing to throw any more money at Tiffany Trump's wedding to ensure it was weatherproof, but how much did the couple actually spend on their big day? estimated that the twosome seriously splashed the cash (on everything but a tent for the pool, apparently), as it's thought their wedding could have set them back around $1.5 million.

"They both want to marry in a big ceremony, your basic international spectacle. Tiffany likes the idea of a glamorous and glitzy affair and, surprisingly, so does Michael," a source told People in July 2021 -- and it looks like that definitely came to fruition. As for where all the money went? Page Six's footage shows Mar-A-Lago covered in flowers for Tiffany's big day, while the bride rocked not one, not two, but three wedding dresses, per Hello! According to Women's Wear Daily, her stunning main ceremony dress was created by famed designer Elie Saab.

It's not clear if Donald paid for any of Tiffany and Boulos' big day, but though there's no doubting the couple could afford to splash the cash themselves. Boulos has plenty of money in the bank of his own, with Business Insider reporting he's a billionaire. Yes, billionaire. With a B. Boulos is part of the family who owns Boulos Enterprises, a successful motorcycle distribution company.

Donald Trump's Speech Wasn't The Only Tiffany Trump Wedding Controversy

While plenty focused on Donald Trump's unusual mention during his speech at Tiffany Trump's wedding (for a little context on the apparently frugal businessman, Celebrity Net Worth claims he's worth $2 billion), that actually wasn't the only part of the wedding that stemmed a little controversy.

Eagle-eyed social media users speculated there may have been a feud brewing in the Trump came after they noticed Ivanka Trump cropped Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancée of her brother, Donald Trump Jr., out of a photo from the big day she shared on her Instagram. Ouch! It's not clear why Ivanka decided to nix Guilfoyle from the family snaps, though a source claimed to Daily Mail it wasn't intentional. "Ivanka loves Kimberly and in no way would crop her out," they said. "The two women are very close and Kimberly has really become part of the Trump family. When Ivanka realized what had happened, she immediately reposted the photo." While Ivanka did post the full snap on her Instagram Stories, the original remains on her Instagram grid.

Ivanka had nothing but sweet things to say about her half-sister on her big day, though, writing in the caption of her upload, "From the first moment I held @tiffanytrump in my arms and looked into those big, kind, curious blue eyes I was smitten." She added, "Tiffany radiates love, compassion and grace -- attributes that she will bring into her marriage with Michael."

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