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10 Things Fans Want To See In Avatar Generations

CBR 2/7/2023 Karlton Vivians
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The last video game set in the Avatar universe was The Legend of Korra, which was released for Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Nintendo 3DS, following an original story taking place between Books Two and Three of the show. Now, Avatar Generations is available for Android and IOS.

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Avatar Generations is a turn-based, character collection Role-Playing Game, and the first Avatar game in almost ten years. There were hopes and expectations from fans when the game was announced, and it seems as though not all of them were satisfied. However, the game is still new, so there's always room for improvement.

Beloved Characters Making Their Long-Awaited Return

Like all gacha games based on a popular IP, Avatar Generations places a heavy emphasis on collecting and building characters from their source material. So far, every available character comes from Books One and Two of the original show, with many characters missing entirely.

The developers will undoubtedly add fan favorites like Azula, Ozai, and Bumi in later updates, like many other gachas. This request is a simple one that will be fulfilled in time, although that time will come much faster if the developers spent the time and resources they used on separate versions of characters to make new ones.

A Nuanced & Intuitive Combat System

In Avatar Generations, players fight enemies in turn-based, strategical battles, with a gameplay flow similar to simpler RPG gachas like Valkyrie Connect and Raid: Shadow Legends. Combat in these games lives and dies on character skills and team building. If the combat is unfair or boring, then the game as a whole is unfair and boring.

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From what the game has shown so far, the developers put some effort into their characters' kits and how well they work with other characters. They even give special attention to a feature most games ignore: positioning. Unlike most games in its niche, Avatar Generations gives special attention to unit formation, giving additional bonuses based on a unit's position.

Never-Before-Seen Original Stories

After the main series ended, strides were taken to explore the expansive Avatar universe and delve into the lives of those who came before. The most notable examples of this are the books surrounding the life and legacy of Avatar Kyoshi, who gained a substantial following long after the show's end, thanks to fans getting that deeper look into her past.

Avatar Generations has the chance to do the same with seasonal events that focus on characters and concepts that didn't have a lot of spotlight in the show. For example, an event starring Avatar Yangchen or Avatar Kuruk would be more than welcome.

Fresh Faces Created Exclusively For The Game

While Avatar: The Last Airbender is already chock-full of beloved characters, there's no reason why there can't be more. The comics were evidence of this fact, adding new faces to facilitate new plots in a newly peaceful world. Perhaps, the mobile game can deliver something similar, with characters who are affected by war, thriving during peacetime, or both.

Assuming the same writers are working on the project, players can expect to meet fresh characters with storylines and personalities unique to the Avatar universe. Combine that with brand-new side stories, and the game can bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise as a whole.

Voice Acting During Dialogue Segments

Not all the original voice actors from the show reprise their roles for the game; it seems like none of them do, in fact. It's understandable, as many of them are either too old to continue or have moved on to greener pastures, so now a new cast has stepped in. The issue here isn't the voice acting but rather the lack of it.

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Dialogue segments and most cutscenes are devoid of voice acting, which makes the game feel somewhat incomplete at times. Even if it was handled the way Fire Emblem games on the 3DS were, by using simple grunts and phrases, that alone would be an improvement.

A Forgiving Gacha & F2P-Friendly Monetization

Whenever a new mobile game comes out, players around the world feel the same sense of dread creeping into their minds. They watch the game with wary caution, all wondering the same thing every time: "How much money is this game going to try and squeeze out of me?"

Hopefully, Avatar Generations turns out to be a game that doesn't pressure the player base to spend money to smoothly progress. Usually, the most beloved gacha games are the ones that focused on being good games rather than the ones that exploited nostalgia to desperately try and empty the coffers of gullible, naive players.

Tales From Other Avatars Besides Aang

The Avatar has existed for thousands of years, keeping the balance between the four nations as well as between humans and spirits. Surely, with all of those incarnations, there were more stories worth telling than those of Roku, Kyoshi, Aang, and Korra.

Speaking of the most recent Avatar, while there don't seem to be any hints of her and her crew appearing for Generations, it would be a monumental pitfall on Nickelodeon's part not to include characters from The Legend of Korra. The game is called Avatar Generations after all, so it's only logical to include the next generation of heroes.

A Deep Look Into The World And Its History

There's still much more to see from the Avatar world, like what kind of animals are out there and what other cultures exist. One of the show's biggest strengths was how rich the lore was and how well it all culminated together into a harmonic collective. It would be great to see more of the world in the mobile game or at least see how it's changed over time.

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One of the big selling points on the game's official website and app store page is exploration, so it seems like this is one of the biggest focuses of the game. Hopefully, the developers deliver on this promise, or else fans will be woefully disappointed.

A Graphical & Visual Overhaul

Nickelodeon video games have never looked cutting edge in the past, but they usually made up for it by being fun to play. Avatar Generations continues in its ancestors' footsteps by not looking the best but having decent gameplay. People often say a game looks like a "mobile game" as an insult, and unfortunately, Avatar Generations most certainly "looks like a mobile game."

Everything about Avatar Generations is decent enough, but the visuals are easily the weakest part of the game so far. The developers should hire someone to improve the UI, character models, and animations. If Cygames could give Dragalia Lost an HD update, surely Nickelodeon has the bucks to do the same for their Avatar gacha.

Team Synergy & Strategy

Avatar Generations has a complex combat system, dividing units into five elementals (non-benders are their own category) and three types (Offense, Defense, and Mind). There's also a combo gauge at the bottom of the screen that can be filled with certain attacks and a display on the side which shows whose turns come next. It's very Final Fantasy X or Octopath Traveler in that aspect.

With this many mechanics, battles will hopefully make full use of them to create difficult challenges for players. The game went so far as to give different attributes to specific parts of the unit formation, so there are bound to be battles that can't be beaten with sheer brute force.

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