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Alleged Pterosaur Flying Dinosaur Claimed to be Seen on Video

Exemplore logo Exemplore 2/2/2023 Cassandra Yorgey
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Eyes have been turned to the skies in search of UFOs but this time a cryptid was recorded instead. At first glance it seems like a large bird soaring through the grey and cloudy sky, but something about the shape doesn’t seem quite right. The head is too elongated and instead of tail feathers there are two short legs trailing behind giving the overall effect of a pterodactyl-like creature that should be extinct.  

Click here to watch the video.

Zooming in reveals an even more dinosaur-like silhouette, with the distinctive head shape that is unlike any bird supposed to be alive today. The wings seem more leathery than feathery, and seem to have little hands where the wing joints connect.

The wings flap strangely though, in a way that seems too mechanical and seems to rest at odd angles. Many believe this indicates it must be some sort of drone, perhaps combined with a bit of video editing. In support of this there is a commercially available Jurassic Park “pterano-drone” with flapping wings, however it is about the size of a human hand and is mounted on what looks like a more traditional drone made of white plastic to minimize its noticeability.

Reports and videos of flying creatures resembling the extinct dinosaurs we only know from fossil evidence pop up occasionally under different names such as the ropen, thunderbird, or simply as any number of dinosaur related names. 

These are not the only dinosaurs people still claim to encounter, even to this day. Many believe the Loch Ness monster is actually a somehow surviving isolated population of plesiosaurs, and Africa has tales of the Mokele Mbembe which many believe to be a surviving sauropod like Apatosaurus. 

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