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Amazon launches new email verification feature to cut down on scams

WJLA – Washington D.C. logo WJLA – Washington D.C. 5/20/2022 Lindsey Mastis

Amazon just launched a new feature to help cut down on scams. While it will help, customers still need to take extra steps to ensure they’re not clicking on any malicious links.

Amazon said it is using new email verification technology and teaming up with several of the biggest email providers including Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL. When a customer gets an authentic email from Amazon, they’ll see the Amazon “Smile” logo on desktops and mobile devices.

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Once a customer sees the logo, they’ll then need to check the email address and make sure it’s from an sender.

While this new technology can help, scammers and hackers are always looking for savvy ways to trick people. If an email seems suspicious, don’t open it. If you open it and it seems suspicious, do not click the links. Customers can always check tracking numbers, order status, and products by going directly to Amazon and logging into their accounts.

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