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Best cheap soundbar deals 2022: LG, Samsung, Sony, more

TechRadar logo TechRadar 1/4/2022 Mary Stone

When you watch TV would you like to experience a more powerful cinematic sound? Why, of course, you do! Whether it's a dialogue-heavy indie-flick, the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a binge-worthy Netflix series, a decent soundbar will improve your viewing immeasurably. But (just as importantly) it'll do the job simply and cheaply, especially if you pick up a deal on a top-class model.

If 50 per cent of the movie-going experience is sound, when you watch films at home you're probably missing half the action. Why? Well, brace yourselves as there's no easy way to say this: your TV's speakers aren't much to write home about. As flat-panel technology improves and TVs get thinner, real estate for drivers is ever diminishing and your TV's in-built speakers have an almost impossible task to deliver sound that matches up with the dizzying visuals onscreen. Don't feel bad though, there is a cost-effective way to hear dialogue more clearly and up the ante with film soundtracks. Just grab yourself a great-value soundbar.

Soundbars are an easy and space-efficient way of boosting your TV's sound performance without cluttering your lounge with multiple speakers and a chunky AV amplifier. Just put a soundbar in front of your TV (or below it if you're wall-mounting) and you're good to go!

Here's our pick of the best deals from online retailers on a selection of sound-boosting TV soundbar solutions. Oh, and don't forget, we've also got a dedicated Best soundbars buying guide, and a special feature which will show you how to choose and set up a soundbar, so there'll be no issues when it arrives.

The best budget soundbar deals live right now

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LG SP8YA Dolby Atmos soundbar $800 $450 (save $350) at Best Buy This Dolby Atmos soundbar with a wireless sub has many the connectivity and features of LG's higher-end models. There's eARC, plus another HDMI 2.1 input with 4K Dolby Vision and HDR10 pass-through as well as an optical input and a USB port. Streaming is well catered for too, alongside Bluetooth and wi-fi, there’s Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. Sonically this 3.1.2 package punches above its weight with a broad, vibrant soundstage that can easily match the cinematic scale of larger screens. It can also be upgraded to 5.1.2 by the addition of the SPK8 2.0 surround kit Four stars.

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Yamaha YAS-209 $349 $299 at Crutchfield (save $50) This is a soundbar capable of delivering big, weighty movie soundtracks with expertly placed and exciting surround effects, while also ensuring crucial elements such as dialogue are clear and well projected. There’s a single 4K and HDR-compatible HDMI input and ARC-enabled HDMI output. There’s also an optical input and an ethernet socket. There's also Wifi and Bluetooth on board for easy streaming. Four stars

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Samsung Q800A Dolby Atmos soundbar $900 $700 (save $200) at Walmart Very few soundbar subs perform as well as Samsung's 3.1.2 Q800A with a muscular, room-filling sound and a gut-busting bass, all contained within a relatively small package. Not only does the Q800A offer Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, but it also has a broad feature set. Alongside two HDMI ports (one equipped with eARC) and an optical input, there’s Bluetooth and, once connected to wi-fi, you can stream via Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2, all of which can be controlled by the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Four stars.

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Samsung Q700A Dolby Atmos soundbar $698 $597 at Walmart (save $101) We haven't tested this step-down model from the Q800A (above), but Dolby Atmos soundbars at this price don't come up very often. Like its big sibling, this is a 3.1.2 system with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support and the same excellent connectivity. The main bar is even the same size as the Q800A, but the sub is slightly smaller, indicating the low-end performance may not be as punchy. If you're not all about the bass though this could be the perfect bargain. 

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Sony SF100 soundbar $128 $99 at Target (save $29) If you're looking for a simple, constructive step up in sound from your TV's in-built speakers, Sony's SF150 offers a significant sonic enhancement for little outlay. Alongside HDMI ARC, it has an optical input supporting Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual mono and LPCM 2ch. There's also a USB port and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for music playback from an external source too. To boost your cinema experience there's also Sony's S-Force Front Surround technology on-board, which applies processing to give the acoustic impression of a more encompassing sound stage. Four stars.

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Samsung HW-Q600A $600 $500 at Best Buy (save $100) A premium Atmos soundbar at a not-so-premium price thanks to Black Friday. We've been impressed with Samsung's form in the Atmos soundbar market of late, so we reckon the Q600A at only $328 is a safe bet for those looking to sweeten up their TV system.

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JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass $350 $320 at Walmart (save $30)JBL's entry-level 'bars are popular because they provide a big improvement to your TV's sound on a budget. The Bar 2.1 Deep Bass adds a wireless subwoofer to boot. The sub's 6-1/2" down-firing woofer promises a low-end rumble worthy of its name and the bar is no slouch either, housing six drivers – four long-excursion racetrack-shaped drivers and two 1" dome tweeters. It's a lot for this price.

Klipsch Cinema 600 $549 $449 at Crutchfield (save $100) This 3.1 soundbar with wireless subwoofer features Klipsch's signature wood finish and boasts seven drivers inside the main speaker, including three 1-inch soft-dome tweeters coupled to Tractrix horns for wide, cinematic dispersion. There's a virtual sound mode to increase the soundstage even further and three levels of dialogue enhancement.  

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Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR $599 $499 at Crutchfield (save $100) Not one we've tested but this sleek 5.1 system with surround speakers and separate subwoofer has a generous three Ultra HD 4K HDMI inputs, one HDMI output as well as Bluetooth, WiFi and Chromecast streaming capabilities.  There's also DTS and Dolby Digital decoding, as well as Polk's SDA technology. A high spec and driver count at under $500.

Klipsch Cinema 400 $329 $254 at Crutchfield (save $75)  The step-down model from the 600 (above) offers 2.1 channels with four built-in speakers in the soundbar and an 8-inch wireless subwoofer for a combined 400W of peak power. There's a vocal enhancement and surround mode as well a Bluetooth and HMDI ARC connectivity making this an excellent choice for a soundbar first-timer.


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