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Best Google Pixel 4a and 4a 5G plans in Australia (November 2021)

TechRadar logo TechRadar 11/8/2021 Harry Domanski
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Update: The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are now available in Australia, so if you're looking for the tech giant's latest flagship, check it out. As a result, the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G are both out of stock across all Aussie telcos, but If you're still keen on one of these handsets, look below and consider buying outright and pairing it with a great SIM-only plan.

Google's mid-range duo of handsets – the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G – shook up the smartphone market with their affordability and capability. They pack in advanced camera tech, simple and reliable operation, and the smarts that Google is known for, but cost considerably less than competing flagships.

With that said, it's still a good idea to shop around if you're conscious of budget, so on this page we'll check out the best plans to pair with your Pixel 4a or Pixel 4a 5G, as well as outright pricing on the handsets themselves.

Outright Google Pixel 4a and 4a 5G prices

While most other handsets cost well over the AU$1,000 mark (and some even AU$2,000), the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G are both considerably more affordable, so it can make more sense to buy them outright.

For those wondering at the cost of each of these handsets, it's rather simple. Conveniently, there's only one configuration of each device (128GB in Just Black), so the Google Pixel 4a will cost you AU$599 while the Google Pixel 4a 5G sets you back AU$799.

If you do choose to buy it outright, you’ll want a nice affordable SIM-only deal to go with it.

Google Pixel 4a outright handsets

Google Pixel 4a 5G outright handsets

Google Pixel 4a review

The Google Pixel 4a has one key factor going for it – it's affordable. Considering its AU$599 RRP, the 4a comes in at a similar cost to other budget devices like the Samsung Galaxy A71.

At that low price, Google has managed to maintain some strong specs. It features a 3140mAh battery, higher than other Pixel devices. While it only has one camera lens, this is a powerful piece of kit with Google's high-end software boosting its ability.

While it lacks wireless charging and has a slightly cheaper design, the Pixel 4a could be the perfect phone for those on a budget.

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Google Pixel 4a FAQ

Should I buy the Google Pixel 4a or the regular 4?

The most obvious difference between the two devices and the one that is likely going to be the biggest factor is the price. The 4a comes in at just AU$599 whereas the regular Pixel 4 will cost you a much larger AU$1,049.

There are some evident changes in that price difference though. The Pixel 4a has a plastic chassis compared to the metal and glass frame of the Pixel 4. While that makes the 4a lighter, it does feel cheaper in the hand.

The area where most people will be interested is the camera. The Pixel 4a features just one lens compared to the Pixel 4's two. That means you lose out on telephoto abilities with the 4a.

Luckily, because most of Google's camera ability is found in the software, other than the second lens, you're not losing out on a whole lot.

The other noticeable factor is in performance. The Pixel 4 uses a Snapdragon 855 - the best chip available at the time of release whereas the 4a uses a weaker Snapdragon 730G.

Overall, it is a question of whether price or power and features are more important to you.

Is the Google Pixel 4a the best budget phone available?

This is a difficult question as the budget market has exploded recently with some exceptional choices. The likes of the OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE have come along, providing serious competition to Google.

While the Google Pixel 4a is easily going to be the best camera phone on a budget, it is going to struggle to compete with the iPhone SE for power and with the OnePlus Nord for...well, a lot of different specs.

The Google Pixel 4a is unlikely going to be the best overall budget phone but it will definitely be the best for those wanting a good camera, bloat-free Android software or timely updates and OS upgrades.

Does the Google Pixel 4a have a good camera?

For a lot of people, this is probably going to be the key question and yes, luckily it does. In fact, for the price this could well be the best camera phone on the market right now.

While the spec sheet itself is nothing mind-blowing with one single rear 12.2MP lens, the Pixel 4a sounds like a very average set-up. However, where Google's camera prowess lies is in its software.

This is very much a point and shoot camera compared to the likes of Huawei and Samsung which go big on personal adjustments. That means you can usually throw your phone up, catch the moment and it will come out great.

Google has invested a lot of cash and financial dough into camera software processing and AI, editing and fixing your image in real time.

While this can lead to some funny business with the occasional odd stitching in panoramas or funny lighting, it is usually boosting your images to their best level.

Combine that with a similar performance in the front camera and Google's got you covered. While the very large majority of Android phones (even budget ones) now have three cameras, the Pixel 4a keeps just one...but a really good one.

What other budget Android phones are available?

While the Google Pixel 4a is going to be the best performer out there for photos, there is a load of other Android devices worth considering:

Samsung Galaxy A71:

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is easily the best budget device that Samsung has available right now. It comes in at a similar price to the OnePlus Nord and offers a pretty similar package.

While it is by no means flagship or class-leading, it does borrow many of the best specs of Samsung's leaders. It's big, has a powerful processor and battery, a stylish display and some decent camera performance.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE:

Okay, we're pushing the definition of budget with this one...the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a cheaper alternative to the S20 range, cutting the costs down while holding onto most of the important specs.

Of all the alternative devices, this will be the one to best compete with the Google Pixel 4a on camera quality and in every other factor will out-do the rest of the competition above.

However, it is also the most expensive option on this list making it a difficult investment compared to the rest.


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