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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases

Tom's Guide logo Tom's Guide 5/10/2022 Philip Michaels
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Our selection of the best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases below is exactly what you need if you want to give your phone a new look or some all-important protection to stave off potential scratches and breaks.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is no longer on sale, but it remains an excellent phone for productivity and fun. If you need a replacement, there's now the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which inherited the built-in stylus from the now-dead Note series, but if your Galaxy Note is still going strong, one of these cases can help keep it going.

A case from the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases selection we have here can do just that, and sometimes much more. It's a chance for you to stamp your personal style on Samsung's phablet. So here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases we've seen so far.

What are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases?

Everyone will have their own idea of what the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case is, based on what features are important to them. But if you're looking for a case that can provide the best protection against drops, look for the Incipio Dual Pro for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Otterbox Defender Series, or the Gear4 Crystal Palace.

Samsung makes its own lineup of Galaxy Note 20 cases and both of the ones on our list — the S-View Flip Cover and LED Wallet Cover — help you easily see notifications and other alerts. Even Samsung's own Silicone Case for the Note 20 Ultra may be a good choice, since it's available in the same colors as the phone itself.

If you want a case that doubles as a wallet, the Ghostek Exec Series includes slots to hold cash and credit cards. And the Caseology Dual Grip is one of the less expensive options if your budget is still hurting after paying up for a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases you can buy right now

Samsung makes a wide variety of cases for its own phones, and one of the best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case options is the S-View Flip Cover. This Galaxy Note 20 Ultra-sized version is a lot like the S-View Flip Cover editions made for previous Samsung phones, with the transparent cover window offering you at-a-glance information without having to flip open the case. You can even answer or reject phone calls when the case is closed.

If you're thinking a lot about germs — and who isn't these days — Samsung treats the S-View Flip Cover with an antimicrobial property to protect the phone's cover. As for more conventional forms of protection, the case surrounds your phone on all sides, while the flip cover keeps the Note 20 Ultra's impressive screen from suffering any scratches in your pocket, bag or purse.

If you fear the damage that can be done to a $1,299 phone from a single drop, consider the Incipio DualPro. This $30 case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra promises two layers of protection via a polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing inner core. That offers some measure of protection for drops up to 10 feet. And a one-year warranty backs up those claims.

Even with that level of protection, don't expect a lot of bulk. Incipio says the DualPro is slim enough to show off the Note 20 Ultra's sleek design. Even with the phone inside, you still have access to its various ports and buttons. You can get the Incipio DualPro in either basic black or an eye-catching shade of red.

Otterbox is usually one of the first names people turn to when looking for protective phone cases, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra edition of the Defender Pro Series lives up to that reputation. The case combines a polycarbonate shell with a rubber slipcover to keep your phablet protected. A raised edge along the case should also keep the Note 20 Ultra's 6.9-inch display from coming into contact with surfaces should you drop it. Otterbox says it has done more than 238 hours of testing to ensure the Defender Series is up to the task.

A holster on the case serves as a belt clip, but you can also use it as a kickstand to prop up the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra when it's time to watch movies on that oversized screen. At $60, the Defender Pro Series is one of the pricier case options, but with features like an antimicrobial additive that guards against bacteria and port covers to keep dust out and bolster water resistance, this is one case that's worth its asking price.

Don't hide that Mystic Bronze backside of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with a solid case cover. The Gear4 Crystal Palace offers a clear look at your new phone without sacrificing any protection. In fact, this case promises to safeguard your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from drops up to 13 feet.

Gear4 credits that protection to its D3O technology for providing the kind of impact absorption to protect phones from the shock of falls. The clear also employs dye-transfer resistance to prevent yellowing over time, so your phone's true colors continue to shine through.

Like some of the other best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases, the Gear4 Crystal Palace also features an anti-bacterial treatment that's designed to kill almost any germ that comes in contact with your phone. The clear case allows you to wirelessly charge your Note 20 Ultra as well. 

Great phone cases do more than just provide protection. The Ghostek Exec Series also gives you a place to stash your cash and credit cards. The back of the Exec Series includes an attachment with enough slots to hold up to four cards. When you don't need to carry any payment methods around, you can detach that part of the case and replace it with either a belt clip or bicycle mount.

The Exec Series doesn't skimp on protection either, promising to safeguard your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from drops of up to eight feet. Shock-absorbing corners take the brunt of any unexpected blows, and the case offers an anti-slip grip aimed at keeping the phone from falling out of your hands in the first place. If the Note 20 Ultra does drop, there's a lifted bezel on the back surrounding its camera array to keep those lenses from cracking.

You don't necessarily need to spend big bucks on a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case, especially after dropping $1,299 on the phone itself. The Caseology Dual Grip case is a slim and light option that provides protection for just $13 dollars.

Available in black or bronze, the Caseology Dual Grip guards against scratches and features built-in grips on both sides to help you keep the Note 20 Ultra in your hand. The case includes holes to let you access the S Pen and use the rear cameras without interference. You’ll also be able to wirelessly charge the Note 20 Ultra without removing the phone from its case.

There's nothing fancy about the Spigen Liquid Case, which features a minimal if still eye-catching design. The back of the black case features a stylish diamond pattern across a case that uses Spigen's Air Cushion technology for absorbing drops and bumps.

Spigen hopes to reduce the times when the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra slips out of your hand, using grip detailing on the Liquid Air Case to bolster your hold on the phone. The Liquid Air Case also accommodates Spigen's line of screen protectors, and you can continue to wirelessly charge your Note 20 Ultra with the phone inside the case

The LED Wallet Cover is another popular standby in Samsung's assortment of cases that it's developed for its own phone. LED lights on the outside of the case notify you about incoming calls, notifications and the time; you're also able to assign icons to your contacts, making it even easier to identify who's calling. If you want to take advantage of the Note 20 Ultra's Wireless Power Share feature to charge up other devices, just pop off the cover.

The LED Wallet Cover gets its name from a card pocket inside the cover where you can store cards and cash. The case itself has a shell design on the inside and fabric on the out to make your phone easier to grip and to minimize any problems if the Note 20 Ultra should happen to topple to the ground. The phone cover also features an antimicrobial coating for an additional layer of protection. 

If you'd rather keep your Note 20 Ultra feeling like a Note 20 and not just a case, the MNML may be what you're after. Its 0.35mm thin body is barely noticeable, and doesn't contain any branding, avoiding unnecessary distractions from your phone. The cutouts for the buttons and S-Pen help disguise the fact you're even using a case, but the raised front edges will be most welcome in keeping your screen away from scratchy materials.

The Fusion-X case from Ringke gives you protection where it matters, but otherwise leaves the original look of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unimpeded, particularly if you go for the clear version.

Offering tough plastic for the back and edges, plus a grippy texture and raised bevels around the sides, you're less likely to drop the phone and less likely to cause catastrophic damage if you do. Ringke's also added lanyard holes for you to add a strap to if you want an even greater guarantee that your phone is secure.

If you fancy simple, synchronized protection for your Galaxy Note, then here's a fantastic option from Samsung itself. Available in the same colors as the phone itself, you can mix and match depending on if you stand by or regret your color choice when you bought the phone.

Samsung does promise some level of drop protection, but we'd be surprised if it matches up to the chunkier, hard plastic cases on other cases you may find on this list. The matte texture of the case should make it feel nicer and more secure in your hand too, hopefully preventing you from dropping the phone in the first place. 

What to look for in a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case

When shopping for cases, make sure you're looking for one designed specifically for your phone. The Galaxy Note 20 series comes in two different models with two different screen sizes. Cases built for the 6.7-inch Galaxy Note 20 are not going to fit your Ultra, so when shopping, be sure to look only at Ultra-specific designs.

Most cases provide cutouts for any ports or buttons. Cases with a more aggressive attitude toward protection will also have coverings over those ports to keep up dust and debris. Decide what level of protection you want and choose your case accordingly.

Different cases boast different levels of protection. Unless you're playing center for an NBA team, anything greater than 6 feet stands a pretty good chance of keeping your Note 20 Ultra protected.

While some cases include a screen protector, others do not. Find out if your case works with different screen protectors, if you're planning on adding one of those to your Note 20 Ultra; otherwise, make sure there's a ridge around the edge of the case that can help keep the AMOLED panel from coming into contact with surfaces when dropped.


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