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Comet or alien device? Astronomers weigh in on space object with Hawaiian name

Honolulu KHNL logo Honolulu KHNL 7/16/2021 HNN Staff
a star in the background: An astrophysicist claims Oumuamua, a space object, has been dropping alien sensors to Earth. © Provided by Honolulu KHNL An astrophysicist claims Oumuamua, a space object, has been dropping alien sensors to Earth.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mysteries are swirling around a space object with a Hawaiian name — with one Harvard professor going as far as claiming it could be controlled by aliens.

Astrophysicist Avi Loeb first went public with his theories on the interstellar object named Oumuamua in 2018.

In June, he wrote in the “Scientific American Journal” that — while he has no evidence — it is possible the object has been dropping alien sensors on Earth.

Loeb speculated the object could be a listening device designed by an extraterrestrial intelligent civilization.

In addition to these claims, others think this could be linked to UFO sightings recently confirmed by the US military.

However, despite these speculations, a UH astronomer who has been analyzing Oumuamua since it was first discovered on Haleakala in 2017 said the alien theory isn’t accurate and all signs suggest it’s just a comet.

“I think that’s a wild unsubstantiated speculation,” said Karen Meech of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy. “All the info and data collected point to a perfectly natural object.”

“Taken individually every bit of info we have about this object is consistent with it being a comet although it has some unusual properties. We can’t develop a model that makes it fit together nicely, but that’s because we don’t have enough data,” she added.

Meech and a team of 14 scientists used Hawaii telescopes to determine that while Oumuamua moves like a comet, it doesn’t emit gas or dust. This makes it the only object of its kind ever seen from Earth.

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