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Constantly Forgetting Your Passwords? This Tool Makes Sure You Never Have To Worry About Remembering Them Again

YourTango logo: MainLogoYourTango 6/22/2022 Angelica Rosales
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Like many people, you've probably hit reset password more times than you'd like to admit. Thankfully, there are ways to help us keep track of our countless passwords. 

Meet Mindpass, the world's first 3D system that enables you to keep track of your passwords ... by using your mind.

Get Mindpass Password Manager: Unlimited Plan (Lifetime Subscription) for only $79.99


All you need is your brain. Passwords are necessary for all aspects of our lives. Our online footprint is everywhere — from signing up for a dance class through a workout portal to transferring money into our savings account. However, it can often be overwhelming to keep track of every single login with so many passwords on our plates.

The Mindpass Password Manager: Unlimited Plan strives to simplify our password chaos by using something that we already own — our mind. 

With impressive ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the App Store, the innovative app uses the power of your mind to help reprogram the way you gain access to forgotten passwords.

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Mindpass uses the power of the human brain to simplify password management and does that with objects — bringing a visual layer to unlocking your daily logins.

Chances are, you're way more likely to remember your favorite animal than a long, complicated password organized haphazardly.  

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Get Mindpass Password Manager: Unlimited Plan (Lifetime Subscription) for only $79.99


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So, how exactly does Mindpass work?

It's pretty straightforward. Our brains aren't built to remember clunky passwords. Instead, the platform simplifies our memory by using a rich 3D environment. Simply install the software on your Android/iOS devices, tablet, laptop, or personal computer and create an account using just an email address.

Once your account is up and running, the dashboard will present you with a sequence of objects — in which you'll pick out four of your favorites. 

The management system then takes those particular 3D objects (from everyday household items to delicious food choices) and stores them as the prominent key into your digital realm. You'll then use these four objects as easy-to-remember identities to help you log into your favorite sites — allowing you to retrieve your forgotten passwords faster than ever whenever the time comes. And, voila! Say goodbye to password resets where you have to recover a password with another password. The process is that easy.

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Unlimited access to Mindpass Password Manager for life — with ultimate security.

Not only does Mindpass do all the heavy lifting for you, but it's also virtually impregnable. Trusted by companies like Google and Xfinity, the lifetime subscription is safe and secure with military-grade encryption and can be installed on all your devices. Mindpass never has access to your passwords, and the passwords are all encrypted, decrypted, and for your eyes only. They also never leave your device. Plus, it works with an unlimited amount of passwords, so you'll be able to implement the software into all aspects of your busy life. 

Whether you're on your phone, laptop, or tablet, you'll get the ultimate protection of your sensitive information without worrying about memorizing random letters and numbers. As a testimonial from verified user electriklevi states, Mindpass is a "Really cool concept. I hate trying to remember a bunch of different characters for a password. This makes it sooo much easier for me."

While the Mindpass Password Manager: Unlimited Plan (Lifetime Subscription) is regularly $1,200, you can keep your passwords in check at $79.99 — that plan is available now at a savings of over 90% off. Make remembering complex passwords a thing of the past and centralize your logins with this all-in-one password solution. 


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Angelica Rosales is a writer, creative content manager, and teacher living in Los Angeles, California. She has a passion for culture and lifestyle, travel, photography and true crime.

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