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Detective: 22 charges related to 'over 600 child pornography and child erotica images'

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BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has done it again — just as they have in South Florida cases here, here, and here that CBS12 reported over the past month and a half alone.

Their Internet Crimes Against Children database sent a cyber tip to a Boynton Beach police detective on April 5, "in reference to eight separate images that were flagged as apparent child pornography and uploaded to Google on March 19th, 2022," according to this arrest report.

They gave the detective the Google account’s name, the associated phone number and two email addresses.

The detective wrote, “After reviewing all eight images provided in the cyber tip, it was confirmed that all images were in fact child pornography images and the file names/hash values associated with the images were identified as part of a known series of child pornography in which the child or child(s) were already previously identified by law enforcement.”

In this case, the detective did an initial background search on the phone number and Google email address, and they came back to Jermaine Omar Bueford, 35, of Boynton Beach.

The detective got a subpoena for the phone number and wrote, “AT&T confirmed the phone number was registered to Jermaine Bueford with address of and an email address of”

They matched what the National Center sent the detective.

Then, the detective got a subpoena for the Comcast IP address and the results “again confirmed the IP address used was registered to Jermaine Bueford out of [address] with the same phone number and the email user account names provided were [first] and [second].”

After that, the detective got a search warrant, which was executed on April 28.

“Contact with made with Bueford at his residence. Bueford was provided a copy of the search warrant and read his Miranda warning. Bueford agreed to speak with detectives in a sworn recorded statement the following is a brief summary:

Bueford stated this all makes sense

“Bueford stated this all makes sense because he did receive a notification alert on his phone about a month ago from Google stating his Google account was flagged for illegal material. Bueford stated he attempted to call and speak with Google about the alert, but he could not reach anyone at Google, and he never tried to follow up again. Bueford stated he figured out it was from the child pornography images that he received in a Google chat not too long ago.

Bueford explained he is part of a Google chat room...

“Bueford explained he is part of a Google chat room which exchanges adult pornography images and videos and sometimes in order to view the image or video sent in the chat, you have to click on the folder. Bueford stated on this particular occasion he clicked on the folder which opened up an unknown amount of child pornography images. Bueford admitted to viewing two of the images that were provided in the cyber tip out of the eight confirmed child pornography images before closing out the folder. At that time, Bueford stated it was not his intention to view child pornography images and he did not intentionally save the images to his phone. Bueford stated he believes the folder which contain the images was called ‘Cousins’ and the chat room he was in was called something in the line of ‘RJStrokes.’

“Bueford stated there should not be any other child pornography images or videos on his electronics and he signed a consent to search for all his electronics in the home. Bueford also provided the passcode for his cell phone, laptop, and Google account. Bueford confirmed again his phone number and email addresses which matched the ones provided in the cyber tip.

“All the below electronics were recovered from the home to include a silver hard drive that was found in a locked safe that Bueford had in his closet and the key was provided to PD after Bueford directed detectives to his vehicle to retrieve the key from his center console.

  • “1 gray HP laptop with serial number,
  • 1 black Acer laptop with the model number,
  • 1 blue HP laptop with serial number,
  • 19 miscellaneous flash drives,
  • 1 white Apple iPad with serial number,
  • 1 black Samsung tablet,
  • 1 black Android pixel phone,
  • 1 black Nikon camera,
  • 1 black Galaxy edge, and
  • 1 black phone.

“Beaufort was provided with a property exchange receipt for his property and detectives left the residence without incident.”

It didn’t take long to find what was stored.

...revealed over 600 child pornography and child erotica images...

“An initial forensic examination of the collected electronics revealed over 600 child pornography and child erotica images of prepubescent to pubescent male children ranging from 7 years old to 14 years old found on the silver hard drive collected from the locked safe which Bueford stated belonged to him. The images and/or videos are located in several different folders on the hard drive, but an initial review shows 173 images and/or videos in folder labeled ‘Nephews,’ 671 images and/or videos in a folder labeled ‘Sinclair’ and 112 images and/or videos in a folder labeled ‘invite 123321.’”

Then, it was time for the arrest.

Bueford returned to BBPD on his own free...

“Thus, when Bueford returned to BBPD on his own free will later that day to collect his electronics, he was subsequently arrested for 20 counts of possession of 10 or more images of child pornography contrary to [the law] as Bueford possessed 10 or more images of any form of child pornography, regardless of content, and the content of at least one image contains prepubescent to pubescent male children ranging from 7 years old to 14 years old posing with an emphasis of the images on the child's [body part #1] and/or [body part #2].

“Additionally, Bueford will be charged with two counts of possession, control, or intentionally view a sexual performance by a child contrary to [the law] as Bueford did unlawfully and knowingly possess, control, or intentionally view two images which, in whole or in part, Bueford knew to include any sexual conduct by a child.”

Jermaine Bueford was booked on April 28 at 8:03 p.m.

Bail was set at $10,000 for each of the 20 counts of child porn possession and $10,000 for each of the two counts of sexual performance by a child.

He wasn't released in lieu of $220,000 bond until May 3, at 4:16 a.m.


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