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Every Iconic Location In Fortnite's Dragon Ball Adventure Island

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Fortnite is continuing its crossover domination with the latest Dragon Ball collaboration. Starting off with popular comic book characters from both Marvel and DC, the battle royale is now beginning to look at manga and anime. Kicking things off with Naruto in Fortnite last year, the next prolific anime to get a collaboration turned out to be Dragon Ball. Players can now hop into the battle bus as their favorite Saiyans Goku and Vegeta in their various forms along with Bulma and Beerus. Besides cosmetics, players will also be able to check out the Dragon Ball Adventure Island which features iconic locations from Goku’s adventures.

Fans eager to explore this island and check out everything it has to offer will need to make sure it's ready. The island won’t actually become accessible until August 19, but once it is available, players should be able to find it in the Discover tab in-game. On the island, players will be able to complete various missions, participate in mini-games, duke it out in the Dragon Ball PVP arena, and sightsee to their heart’s content.

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The locations that will be a part of Dragon Ball Adventure Island include Kami’s Palace, Goku’s Houses, and the Room of Spirit & Time. Each area will have its own activity that players can experience. At Kami’s Palace, players can soar through a ring course with Goku’s flying nimbus. At the Saiyans’ household, players can get a feel of what it's like to be Goku’s wife Chi-Chi and make a meal worthy for a Z fighter. Last but not least, at the Room of Spirit & Time there will be an obstacle course to traverse in the same place Goku and friends have trained for numerous battles.

Fortnite Now Has Dragon Ball Locations You Can Visit

Based on the trailer and the post on Epic Games’ website, there are two locations left that players can visit. One of them is Beerus’ Planet, where Goku and Vegeta have endured intense training sessions with Whis, and the other is called Resort, which is more than likely the area that was shown first in the crossover’s reveal trailer. Additionally, players can also check out another map that features the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival, where episodes from the Dragon Ball Super anime can be watched. Another mini explorable Dragon Ball area can be found near the coast of the mainland island. Long-time Dragon Ball fans will most likely recognize the Kame House right away, considering the fact that this is where Goku first started his training under master Roshi and became a student of the turtle hermit school with Krillin.

Fans looking to increase their power level and see what Fortnite’s collaboration with Dragon Ball is all about can do so right now. The crossover event is live, and it isn’t directly stated when the collab will end. The earliest removal of anything surrounding the event will take place on September 17. On that day players will no longer be able to visit the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival area according to Epic Games’ post on its website. Marvel’s collaboration ended a while ago but outfits of Marvel characters are still available, so this could be the case for Dragon Ball as well. Until an official announcement is made, fans looking to acquire all the Dragon Ball goodies should start playing as soon as they can.

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