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Fortnite Ending Support For Older Versions Of Windows In Chapter 4 Season 2

TheGamer 12/5/2022 Sean Murray
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Fortnite just got a massive technical upgrade with the release of Chapter 4, Season 1. Now running on Unreal Engine 5.1, Fortnite players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC (with some relatively recent hardware) can experience features like Nanite’s millions of polygons, Lumen’s combination of ray tracing and real-time global illumination, virtual shadows, and temporal super-resolution.

All these upgrades do come at a price, sadly. As Fortnite advances into the future, it’s leaving some older operating systems behind. As noted in Epic’s technical update, official support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be dropped with the start of Chapter 4, Season 2.

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"As Fortnite continues to evolve, we are required to make support changes in order to grow our technology and expand the game to fulfill our vision of Fortnite's future," wrote Epic. "In older operating systems, the growing risk of security threats as well as the lack of modern features we rely on causes us to spend an increasing amount of development time on workarounds, instead of investing that time into the game itself."

If you absolutely can’t upgrade to Windows 10, Epic does have a solution. You can continue playing Fortnite on Nvidia GeForce Now’s streaming service, which essentially plays the game on Nvidia’s hardware via the cloud.

Just prior to the release of Chapter 4, the trailer leaked ahead of time confirming the arrival of Geralt of Rivia, The Incredible Hulk, YouTuber MrBeast, and the Doom Slayer. My Hero Academia's Deku also enters the fray in an official crossover event that brings his One For All punch, similar to how the Dragon Ball event allowed Goku to unleash his Kamehameha attack. And fans believe they may have spotted Metal Gear Solid's Gray Fox in the trailer. Although the image is tiny, Fortnite leaker HypeX notes that the colors are absolutely spot on for the cybernetic ninja and of Metal Gear's most tragic characters.

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