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Gaming On The Crapper Reaches New Level With Custom Toilet PC

TheGamer 8/6/2022 Joshua Henry
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Ever been in the middle of a game and had to pause for a pesky bathroom break? Well, one YouTuber is finding the best solution to such a problem. They recently uploaded a video of them turning their toilet into a fully functioning gaming PC. That’s right, now they can flush and reboot their system all at the same time.

This marvel of modern technology comes from YouTuber Basically Homeless. In an almost 11-minute video, they walk viewers through the entire process of turning their toilet into a gaming PC. Of course, they open the video with the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: why? Turns out, they spent months learning how to build a PC and work plumbing just so they can, and I quote, “take a dump while gaming”.

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To achieve such a creation, Mr. Homeless had to learn a lot more than just how to build a PC. In the video, he points out that he had to learn several techniques including how to properly cut porcelain and work with plumbing. After all, the toilet tank needed to be modified so that it could house the motherboard tray, allow a decent amount of airflow, and prevent water from infiltrating the PC components. Otherwise, you are one flush away from disaster.

Replay Video

Luckily, Mr. Homeless was able to pull the whole thing off and in the end, he walked away, or sat, with a PC that could also be pooped in. To show off how great of a creation this porcelain PC is, they booted it up, took a seat, and played a round of Counter Strike. Thankfully, the toilet aspect of the PC was not demonstrated on camera.

This video just goes to show you that persistence and creativity can go a long way. One man wanted the ability to use the bathroom while also playing games and they did it. Let’s just hope the next idea Basically Homeless has involves less poop.

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