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Google One VPN for Windows and Mac is rolling out widely

Android Police 11/16/2022 Chandraveer Mathur
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Google One is among the top five VPN providers we suggest you check out, although it has only been available on smartphones and tablets so far. For months, Google promised its VPN service would make its way to desktop, eventually. Around a week ago, the company announced that Windows and Mac users can start downloading the VPN client, and the service is now fully operational.

To download and set up the Google One VPN client on your Windows computer or Mac, visit and navigate to the card offering VPN protection for multiple devices (via 9to5Google). It should be visible if you’re subscribed to the 2TB Google One plan. Click the View details button and then download the VPN client using the button in the lower right corner. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install the client. After you've done this, you can access it using the taskbar notification when the VPN is active. The Quit VPN button exits the application.

Getting the VPN working on macOS uses the above steps followed by a few additional ones, like enabling a system extension, adding VPN configurations, and optionally approving auto-start capability for the VPN client. While the VPN is active, you can access the app’s settings by clicking the icon in the menu bar area.

Google One VPN for desktop is available in the same regions as its mobile services. Hopefully, more countries and regions are added to this list in due course. Google also has comprehensive support documentation in case you run into issues with Google One VPN on Windows or Mac.

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