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Halo Infinite's Strange Campaign Co-Op Limitations Explained

GameRant logo GameRant 7/4/2022 Cameron Swan
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Halo Infinite has had a bit of a turbulent last eight months. While Halo Infinite was first met with a good amount of critical acclaim, with both critics and long-time fans praising 343 Industries for managing to bring the series back to its beloved roots, the last few months have seen a significant drop in Infinite's player-base, and public opinion has shifted. At first, fans were disappointed with the lack of new multiplayer content, and then 343 added a handful of maps and modes, but the poor roll-out of Halo Infinite's recent multiplayer seasons has lead some fans to jump ship.

One of the biggest missing features in Halo Infinite still hasn't been patched in: the game's co-op campaign mode. Campaign co-op has been an absolute staple of the Halo franchise ever since it debuted in 2001, and though Halo Infinite's campaign was great, the lack of either online or splitscreen co-op was certainly felt by fans. Well, Halo Infinite is finally receiving its campaign co-op update, but it isn't quite as simple or straightforward as fans would want.

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Halo Infinite's Co-Op Limitations

Right now, Halo Infinite's campaign co-op mode will only be available as part of a limited-time beta. While the full co-op mode will be heading to Halo Infinite at some point in 2022, the actual release date still hasn't been confirmed, meaning that if fans want to play through Halo Infinite's campaign with another Spartan anytime soon, they'll have to do so within the beta's limited period.

Beginning on July 11, players will be able to play Halo Infinite's co-op campaign for just 11 days, with the beta ending on July 22. There are also a few steps players need to take in order to gain access to this limited beta. First, players will need to sign up to the Halo Insider program, if they haven't already. Players will also, obviously, need access to Halo Infinite's campaign, either from a purchased copy of the game or via Xbox Game Pass.

From there, interested players will need to fill out a quick form on Halo Insider, and send it off. Eventually, a limited number of players will hear back from 343 Industries with confirmation that they've been accepted into the Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta, and they'll be given a code to redeem. On top of all this, players who are planning to experience the beta on an Xbox console will also need to install the Xbox Insider app on their machine, which allows the user to download pre-release software.

Once players are actually into the beta, they'll be faced with a fairly significant restriction. With Halo Infinite adopting a more open-world design, 343 Industries has confirmed that it's limiting the players' ability to venture away from each other. Players will be required to stay within a 1000ft radius of one another, and will be given a warning screen, followed by death, if that limit is exceeded.

That's far from the end of Halo Infinite's co-op limitations, however. Halo Infinite's campaign co-op beta will only allow for online co-op, so those looking to partake in classic Halo splitscreen action won't be able to do so just yet. Instead, those wanting to play splitscreen will need to wait until later in the year, with 343 Industries suggesting that it may be coming in Halo Infinite's third multiplayer season, which is set to debut on November 8. This means that fans will have to wait for about 4 months at the earliest. One final limitation of Halo Infinite's co-op beta is that progress won't carry over to the final release of the mode, so players may not want to get too deep into the campaign.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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