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Is Everyone Just Ignoring This Giant UFO?

Exemplore logo Exemplore 11/20/2022 Cassandra Yorgey
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Why is everybody just driving by like nothing is there?

It’s easy to expect if a UFO was just hanging out over town that everybody would stop what they were doing to take pictures, but not in Florida - apparently! This woman saw the impossible while she was driving and immediately pulled over and started live-streaming what appears to be a giant flying saucer with lights around the rim. She zooms in and a dark hovering craft is clearly visible over the tree line. Cars whiz by in multiple lanes in front of the camera and the woman can’t believe nobody else is stopping or reacting to what clearly appears to be a UFO. 

Click here to watch the video.

The woman continues to keep the camera on the UFO and says that a loud boom was heard the previous day around 5:00 AM all the way from Jacksonville to Orlando which people are claiming was a spaceship that landed after secretly being in orbit for 909 days, possibly now being located at the Kennedy Space Center. It is unclear where this rumor originated.

Some believe the government has withheld full UFO and alien disclosure because they are concerned about a mass panic spreading through the population. These fears are not entirely unfounded as a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells did incite a widespread panic when listeners tuned in unaware that it was a fictional and scripted program.

If Florida is any indicator, the population is ready for the government to come clean with everything they know about unexplained phenomena of the sky. 

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