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Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals 'Fake News Turkey Shoot' Game

GameRant logo GameRant 6/24/2022 Joshua Duckworth
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It’s been nearly two years since the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots took place back in August 2020. Part of the many Black Lives Matter protests and movements during this time frame, many protests turned into riots over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who was paralyzed below the waist. It was during these protests that Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, appeared in the city with a semi-automatic rifle.

Rittenhouse was reportedly there for a couple of reasons, claiming to protect businesses as the Kenosha riots broke out. During the events of this night, Rittenhouse would shoot Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, Anthony, Huber, 26, and Gaige Grosskreutz, 27. He would claim self-defense in these shootings, with the first two passing away due to their gunshot wounds. His trial was a matter of public attention for some time, but ultimately, the Wisconsin jury acquitted him of all charges.

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While attention has gone elsewhere, it has come back to Kyle Rittenhouse a few times and, most recently, due to the announcement of a new video game. Rittenhouse has announced “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot” where the only goal of the game appears to be shooting turkeys labeled with “fake news.” He is selling the game for $9.99 on his website, with the proceeds going toward efforts to sue news outlets for defamation.

The promotional video/trailer for Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot sees a few clips of the game, as well as Rittenhouse stating that “the media is nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than push their lying agenda and destroy innocent people’s lives.” He also pretends to shoot into the air with a nerf gun, and at the end of the video, a little jingle for Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot plays.

The jingle appears to be a rap, written and performed by Rittenhouse himself. It goes “it’s the fake news turkey suit. Got a laser gun going pew pew pew. Follow my suits. We about to bankrupt the fake news.”

It’s worth repeating that the game is being sold for $9.99, with pre-orders live on his website. However, nothing like a release date or even a window for the game has been confirmed. Pre-orders aren’t typically available outside third-party retailers until at least a window or plenty of other details are known, so it’s something to keep in mind if someone elects to pre-order the game.


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