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Man Explains Why the ‘Dutch Reach’ Technique for Getting Out of the Car Could be a Life-saver

Axle Addict logo Axle Addict 3/29/2023 Jarret Hendrickson
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Paying attention while driving or on the road can save lives...

And this simple hack, called the 'Dutch Reach', as demonstrated in this video from TikTok user @leftyvlogger could be a life saver... 

Click here to watch the video.

Here's what the internet had to say about this one.

TikTok user @mashedtater_tots wasn't impressed with the 'Dutch Reach' technique when they wrote that "I use the hand closest to the door along with these two amazing inventions: eyes and mirrors.” And TikTok user @athulz4u expressed a similar sentiment when they wrote, "I use left hand and rear view mirror together…”

While TikTok user @sanigov2010 simply wrote, "I open my car door the way I choose to open my car door.” With TikTok user @osatemy asking the question, "What’s the use of your side mirror then?”

And TikTok user @st.amazingg asked a similar question when they wrote, "So your side mirror is used for what?” But TikTok user @hayman5752 pointed out that, "You just parked. You should know what’s there already.”

With TikTok user @all_i.said.was___ posting the comment that, "I’m a lefty, so the left hand works easiest for me.” And TikTok user @lucky.honahonas shared that, "I use the side mirror to get a better view what’s behind me...In Dutch, the wheel is in the other side.”

With TikTok user @debbiestefonetti adding that, "You can see with the side mirrors, this makes no sense.” And TikTok user @porscheenikko joked that, "I use my right hand to apply hand lotion to my left hand.” 

Well what do you think? Are you going to try this 'Dutch reach' technique next time you're getting out of the car? 

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