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Marvel's Spider-Man on PC Needs One Mod ASAP

GameRant logo GameRant 6/22/2022 Richard Warren
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Marvel’s Spider-Man will be the the next PlayStation Studios title to release on PC, which is promising for a few key reasons. The most obvious reason for excitement is the fact that the game will be available to a wider audience, though what many more are interested in is mods. Just like with God of War’s modding community, some clever Marvel’s Spider-Man fans will likely create and share a number of entertaining mods.

These mods could add more boss fights to Marvel’s Spider-Man, make other wall-crawlers like Spider-Gwen playable, or even introduce other Marvel Heroes to Insomniac’s open world. However, the best mods of all could be those that provide access to new costumes. For years, fans have been making suit requests and asking Insomniac to add official versions of certain attires. Now, modders can add some custom-made suits to the game, and none will likely come faster than the Symbiote Suit.

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Why Marvel’s Spider-Man Did Not Have a Symbiote Suit

While Marvel’s Spider-Man’s costume lineup has grown drastically since the game’s release back in 2018, the Symbiote suit has not yet been added to Insomniac’s series. No variants of the black suit have been included, either, despite many pushing for a darker version of the Raimi suit. However, there is a good reason why Insomniac has neglected to provide an official version of Spidey’s black costume thus far.

Insomniac has likely been waiting for the debut of Venom to add Symbiote suits to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Anyone familiar with the wall-crawler knows how impactful this particular costume was, with it playing a key role in many of his best stories over the years. Waiting to give it a proper introduction through some story content and an interaction with Venom simply makes sense, and if it has unique mechanics, the long wait for the costume will have been worth it. However, with a PC release imminent, fans will likely not have to wait until 2023 to don the black suit.

What Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC Can Do With Its Symbiote Suit

Given how many requests there have been for a Symbiote suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man, it can be assumed that the first mods players create will be based around this costume. Fans should not be surprised to see several Symbiote suit mods, as everything from the black Raimi suit to a comic-accurate version with the white spider will likely be released. Some fans may even go above and beyond with these costumes.

While purely cosmetic mods could be a lot of fun for the Marvel’s Spider-Man community, some particularly great fan creations could make good use of the Suit Ability system. Through this feature, players could give the Symbiote suit an ability that amplifies Peter’s powers, mimicking how the parasite makes him significantly stronger. Tendril-focused attacks could also make for an enjoyable addition, helping the costume stand out for more than just its flashy design. Modders may even be able to add more brutal finishing moves to make the Symbiote suit even more memorable.

Even if the mods are purely cosmetic, though, gamers that have been desperate for the black suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man will likely be able to use one on PC soon. While there are going to be plenty of silly mods on par with the playable version of Aunt May, custom suits could be a game changer. An official Symbiote suit will surely come with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in 2023, but in the meantime, the modding community can and should get one into the hands of players.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5. A PC version will be releasing on August 12.

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