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Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Beat Chozo Ghosts

GameRant 2/15/2023 William Parks
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Chozo Ghosts are enemies in Metroid Prime Remastered that players will likely encounter for the first time in the Chozo Ruins' Hall of Elders. While fans need not battle every Chozo Ghost that they come across, and it is actually recommended that they do not, there are a handful that must be dispatched. This guide is here to assist with that endeavor, and it will provide details on how to easily beat Chozo Ghosts in Metroid Prime Remastered.

Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Beat Chozo Ghosts

The first thing to know about Chozo Ghosts is that they are invulnerable to fire, ice, and electricity. This means that Metroid Prime Remastered players can only damage these enemies when the Power Beam is equipped, and they should not try to bring Chozo Ghosts down with Samus's Wave or Ice Beams. While this will already be quite clear to fans that have scanned a Chozo Ghost, as it is noted in their Log Book entry, it is worth taking a moment to confirm that the correct Beam is active before engaging in battle.

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With respect to exactly how players should combat Chozo Ghosts with their Power Beams, the key to these encounters is patience. Indeed, there are very few opportunities to consistently damage these Metroid Prime Remastered enemies in a fight, and players are advised to hold a fully-charged Charge Shot and dodge while waiting for a specific animation to occur. The animation of interest is the one where the Chozo Ghosts levitate and charge an attack, and it provides a significant amount of time during which fans can deal some damage.

For those fans that want to make fights with Chozo Ghosts as short as possible, it is recommended that they use Super Missiles in Metroid Prime Remastered during the enemies' levitation animation. Indeed, just a couple hits with that powerful weapon should be enough to bring down a Chozo Ghost, allowing players to end these encounters quite quickly. Fully-charged Charge Shots are also fairly potent against these enemies, and they should be utilized by fans that are low on Missiles.

To note, it is possible for Metroid Prime Remastered's Samus Aran to hit Chozo Ghosts during their ground-based attack animation. That said, the timing on this is quite tight, and fans may find that most of their shots are not landing. Players are thus advised to only use Charge Shots when trying to deal damage during this shorter animation, as going for Super Missile assaults can lead to many Missiles being wasted.

Metroid Prime Remastered is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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